Wills from Clinton County, Iowa
These wills that I've transcribed here also appear on the Rootsweb page for Clinton County. I have no relationship to any of these people and therefore no further information about them.  However, I am happy to send you a copy of the original will I worked from which is a .jpg file taken from a film.  Email me at:  char@charsbrokenbranches.com

Some of the pages were dirty or spotted, torn and in general hard to read.  I've done the best I could with them. 
March 22, 2010 - Have added nine (9) new wills.                     7/11/2010 - Added (3) wills
March 21, 2010 - added (2) new wills.
April 2010 - added (11 ) new wills
May 2010 - added (34) new wills
Norman Harrison
Oliver P. Alger John Dawson Parnell
H. C. Ahrens
Harriet Harborn
Jonathan Pearce
Julia Altman
Patrick Hart
Gertrude Alff
Claus Peterson/Petersen
Thomas Harvey
Benjamin Baker
Fedeli Henle
Adams Platt
Margreta Bahrenfus
Abraham Hendrickson
William Barrick
Ezekiel Porter
Elizabeth Holdgrafer
Katrina Josepha Beil
Peter Bohart David Purinton
Abram Hosford
William Findly Brackenridge
Hannah Irwin
Gertrude Rosenberger
Richard Brown
Anna Isham
Isabella M. Bucher
Augustus Scofield
Emily James
Elijah Buell
Franz Schmidt
William Burk
Alexander P. Jenkins
John Burke
Joachim Frederick Joens
Anton Burken Andreas Schwartz
John Byne
David D. Klise
Ira Stockwell
Honora Cahill
John Kramer
Alexander Campbell
Jacob Stutsman
Fidelia Lane
James Conlin
Peter Dalton
Peter Langholdt
Elhanan Thomas
Michael Daly
John Lenaghan
Joseph Denoma
Rebecca Thorn
Zachariah Dent
Dennis Lily
James Devitt
William Litster
John C. Turner
Jane Dingwell
Catharine Mangan
John Dowling
Josephine Twogood
John Doyle
Catharine McAndrews
Joshua Dunkin
Charles C. Upton
Edward McAndrews
Thomas Early
Michael McDermott
Magdalena Ernisse
William Usher
Christian Evers
Elizabeth McFadden
William King Vincent
John Fahey
Harry McGlenn
John Forrest
Benjamin Merriam
Jonathan Weil
George Fox
David Metcalf
Denison W. Gardener
Joseph Wheeler
Dennis Mooney
Philip Gavin
Ann Mumford
Thomas Gilshannon
Richard Myat
P. A. Gohlmann
Christ Peter Grill
Isaac Newell
Joseph Charles O'Connell