Last Will and Testament of Abram P. Hosford
of Clinton County Iowa
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Clinton January 24, 1884
Be it Known by all to whom these presents shall come that I
Abram P. Hosford of sound mind and memory do make this my late will and testament.

First I give and bequeath to my son
Charles Barrett, to my daughter Libby May and to my wife Lucy M. to each of the two smallest accounts an amount to make them equal to the largest one of the accounts in a small book about 3 by 10 inches which is intended to accompany this document and become a part of it.

Second- I bequeath to my sister
Sophia B. Gartman an amount to make my own account in that book equal to the other three a above named the said sum to be remitted to her in Denver or wherever she may be in sums of twenty five dollars Chicago Exchange payable to her order said remittance to commence thirty-days after my decease and continue in monthly remittances of twenty-five dollars each until the amount above set forth to equalize my accounts shall be remitted.

Third I will that my wife
Lucy M. shall have one third of the remainder after executing the above bequests.

Fourth That my daughter
Nancy A.  Chas. B and my daughter Libbie M. shall have each equal parts of the remainder after executing the third and previous bequests.

Fifth IN case I or my Executor have to pay a note given by my son
Chas. B. to Fear T. Barrett for two thousand dollars which not I have countersigned the amount so paid is to be a part of the patrimony of my son Chas. B. aforesaid.

Sixth I give to my daughter
Libby M. the old pictures of my father and mother and family. 

Seventh- I give to my son
Chas. B. my old family Bible and family records.

Eighth I also will that
Shiller Hosford be my sole Executor without bail for the faithful performance of the duties of this trust.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of these two witnesses and they in the presence of each other.
L. B. Wadleigh? And J. W. Pollock

A.P. Hosford

State of Iowa
Clinton County
A. L. Schuyler, clerk of the District Court in and for said County do hereby certify that on this day at the Sept. Term A. D. 1886 of said Court the will and instrument in writing hereunto annexed and bearing date in the 24th day of Jan. 1884 was duly proved before and allowed by said court as and for the last will and testament of the real and personal estate of Abram P. Hosford late of said County deceased and was by said Court ordered to be recorded as such will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto at my hand and affixed the seal of the court at my office in Clinton in said County this 11th day of Oct. A. D. 1886.
A. L. Schuyler, Clerk