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In the name of God Amen.

Charles C. Upton of the City of Lyons, County of Clinton and State of Iowa being in the full and complete possession of all my senses and faculties and being impressed with the knowledge of the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death do make publish and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner following that is to say:

1st.  I desire that my body shall receive a decent and Christian burial.

2nd.  I further desire that all my just and honest debts shall be paid.

3rd.  After the payment of the debts and expenses above provided for I give and bequeath to my wife
Mary J. Upton all money, notes, bills and closes? in action and all personal property of every kind and description of which I may be possessed or entitled to at the time of my death.

4th.  I further give and bequeath to my said wife
Mary J. Upton the following real estate situated in said Clinton County to wit The west half of Lots seven {7} and eight {8} in block twenty seven {27} in the old town (New City) of Lyons said real estate to be held and enjoyed by my said wife Mary J. Upton during her lifetime and upon her death the same to go to the lawful heirs of my body.

5th.  I hereby appoint and constitute my said wife
Mary J. Upton sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament and request that the proper Court may ratify said appointment and commission her as said executrix without bond.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in presence of witnesses this 27th day of August A. D. 1879.

Charles C. Upton

Henry Penn and Walter Scott citizens and residents of Lyons City in the County of Clinton and State of Iowa do hereby certify that the above instrument consisting of one and one third pages of legal ??(size?) paper was subscribed in our presence by Charles C. Upton and was by him declared to us to be his last will and testament and that we signed the same as witnesses in his presence and at his request witness our hands this 27th day of August A. D. 1879.

Henry Penn

Walter Scott

State of Iowa

Clinton County

William Kreim clerk of the District Court in and for said County do hereby certify that on this date at the September term A. D. 1887 of said Court the Will and instrument in writing hereunto annexed and bearing date on the 27th day of August 1879 was duly proved before and allowed by said court as and for the last Will and Testament of the real and personal estate of Charles C. Upton late of said County deceased and was by said Court ordered to be recorded as such Will and Testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at my office in Clinton in said County this 27th day of Sept. A. D. 1887.

SEAL William Kreim, Clerk