Last Will and Testament of Gertrude Alff
of Clinton County Iowa
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The Last Will and Testament of Gertrude Alff of DeWitt Clinton County Ia.

1 -  I
Gertrude Alff of sound mind and memory do make declare and publish this my last will and testament and I do hereby revoke all prior wills by me heretofore made.

2 -   I direct my Executor hereinafter named to pay all my just debts including the costs and expenses of Administration.

3 – To the child I have raised as my adopted daughter
Sarah Adams I give devise and bequeath the house and lot I now live in for and during the term of her natural life and upon her death to the children of her body if she should have any surviving here and in the event of her dying without issue as aforesaid then I direct devise and bequeath to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Dubuque said property in trust to sell the same and use the money derived from said sale for the benefit of the Catholic Church of DeWitt Ia.

4 -  I direct my Executor hereinafter named to sell the house an lot I own near the Presbyterian being the next building east of said Church and to enable him to sell the same I devise and bequeath said property to him and I direct him out of the proceeds of said property to pay to man in Davenport the principal of a bill my husband owed to him
Pl Flannery of DeWitt can tell his name and amount of bill next to pay to Frinch? & Baker of Clinton One hundred and twenty five dollars.

5 -  I give devise and bequeath to the Pastors of the Roman catholic Church of DeWitt and Center Grove Iowa fifty dollars and for said sum he is to read a mass for the repose of my soul each week for one year and twenty five dollar to read masses for my husband.

6 -  The balance of my estate I give devise and bequeath to my executor hereinafter named to distribute with the aid of
D. Langan among the deserving poor Roman Catholic of DeWitt parish.

7 – I nominate and appoint as Executors of this will
Thos. L. Connole and Adam Bloom of DeWitt Iowa.  Witness my hand this 19th day of April 1888.

Gertrude (X) Alff

We the undersigned as witnesses in the presence of Mrs.
Gertrude Alff and in the presence of each other and at her request have signed our names as witnesses to this will and we further certify that the words “Sarah Adams” was written in the 3 Paragraph and the words “pastors of the “ written in the 5 Paragraph before the said will was signed by the testator also the “one hundred” was erased and the $25 for husband written.
Daniel Langan
R. B. Wolfe

State of Iowa }
Clinton County|} SS
William Kreim, clerk of the District Court in and for said County do hereby certify that on this day at the April Term A. D. 1888 of said Court the will and instrument in writing hereunto annexed and bearing date in the 19th day of April 1888 was duly proved before and allowed by said court as and for the last will and testament of the real and personal estate of Gertrude Alff late of said County deceased and was by said Court ordered to be recorded as such will and testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto at my hand and affixed the seal of the court at my office in Clinton in said County this 14th day of May
A. D. 1888.
Seal –
William Kreim, Clerk
A. R. Markham, Deputy Clerk