The Last Will and Testament of Joshua Dunkin
of Clinton County Iowa
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To all whom it may concern.
Know ye that by these present, I Joshua Dunkin do hereby bequeath all my property both real and personal to my heirs as hereunder written to wit.
All my personal property being ( txxxxx farming utensils, wheat trashing machine, and other articles) To my Grandson, son of Oliver Perry Dunkin and all my real estate being Eighty acres of land in Brookfield as described in deed on record .  To Mary Jane Dunkin, wife of my son Oliver P. Dunkin xxxisxing however that in case that Oliver P. Duncan dies before his wife Mary Jane that such provision shall be made out of the property bequeathed to my grandson Frederick and his mother Mary Jane to support my daughter Irena Dunkin as long as she lives and to my daughter Elizabeth one dollar (1.00) and in case my grandson Frederick shalt die it shall revert to his Father Oliver P.
And furthermore I do acknowledge this to be my only and last will and testament and done of my own free will and that the proper authorities shall give peacefull possession and deed at my death when all of the provision of the above shall be fullfilled. 
Dated:  March 22, 1858 Brookfield}  Joshua Dunkin his X mark
Witness}   Elisa A. Hxxxod
State of Iowa }
Clinton County} ss
I Loring Wheeler xxxxxxx Clerk of the County Court of said County do hereby Certify that the within paper purporting to be the last will and testament of Joshua Dunkin was this day proven in open court and ordered to be recorded given under my hand and seal of said Court at DeWitt this 1st. Day of June, 1859
Loring Wheeler, Clerk