Early Cornwall - Lantelglos Parish Marriages
These records are extracted from the Cornwall Lantelglos Parish Registers for 1558-1602 and are not complete.
Year Date Groom Surname First name of the Groom and his wife
27-Nov Shorte Richard & Margery his wife
27-Apr Cocke John and Jone Tregodicke
5-Jun Collyn William and Mary his wife
23-Jun Ible John and Margery his wife
"The yeare of ye marriages of the above said is not recorded."
1558 4-Jun Humphrey Hendy and Elizabeth Cocke
1558 4-Jun Harvey Henry and English Curtes
1558 9-Oct Wallis Digory and Margery Hockyn
1559 3-Jul Tucker John andn Alse Collman
1559 8-Aug Hooper Wm. And Elizabeth Sutcot
1559 28-Jan Marke Hugh and Jone Seer
1560 26-Jun Hoop William and Elizabeth Edward
1561 29-Sep Shorte Henry and Ellen Hoop
1561 29-Sep Blach John and Elizabeth Cocke
1561 30-Sep Hender Nicholas and Elizabeth Hockyn
1561 12-Oct Bennet Michael and Jane Perrse
1561 21-Jan Seecombe Thomas and Elizabeth Rawle
1561 24-Jan Dier Henry and Jone Hodge
1562 5-Jul Tucker Christopher and Jane his wife
1562 14-Jan Speere John and Alson his wife
1564 27-Nov Betishe John and Joanna his wife
1564 5-Feb Harte John and Eliz. Bath
1565 1-Jul Trecarne Tho. And Joanna his wife
1565 5-Jul Green Henry and Agnes his wife
1565 29-Jun Batten Tho. And Eliz. His wife
1566 26-May Blatch John and Margaret his wife
1566 6-Aug Medden Nic. And Alson his wife
1567 1-Jun Hockyn John and Philippa Bennet
1567 23-Jun Worthivale Tho. And Joanna Ryne
1567 25-Jul Dyer Henry and Elizabeth Upcot
1567 12-Feb Clerke Hugh and Julina his wife
1568 27-Jul Cocke John and Joanna his wife
1568 23-Oct Tresse Silvester and Eliz. His wife
1568 22-Nov Rowe John and Joanna Clarke
1569 22-Jun Sawnder Hen. And Joan Killow
1569 27-Jun May Nic. And Marga Rush
1569 23-Oct Peerse Robtz and Emme Cocke
1569 27-Oct Cowling Barthol. And Eliz. Lanston
1569 2-Nov Collyn William and Joanna Wh??re
1569 22-Nov Escotte Ric. And Avis Harry
1570 6-Apr Peerse William and Jane Sloggett
1570 2-Jul Slogett Jo. And Eliz. Bennett
1570 29-Sep Vowell Ric. And Eliz.
1570 31-Oct Parnall Jo. And Thomasine Collma
1570 7-Nov Danan Hen. And Thomasine Colwill
1570 11-Nov Browne Henry and Kath. Danna
1570 7-Feb Trecarne Jo. And Avis Harry
1571 30-Jul Willcock William and Joa Peerse
1571 6-Aug Redwood Jo. And Thomasine Pev'ell (Penell?)
1571 12-Nov Blake Robert and Joanna his wife
1571 23-Nov Joce Randall and Editha his wife
1571 23-Nov Milles William and Joanna Joce
1571 28-Jan Sergeant Jo. And Joanna Hamond
1571 28-Jan Warre Robert and Jane Hammond
1572 8-Jun Colman Christopher and Philippa Wallis
1572 27-Nov Hodge Hen. And Tifeny Wallis
1572 27-Nov Wallis Jo. And Marger Hodge
1572 20-Jan Shorte Richard and Elizabeth Dyer
1573 23-Apr Gregory Silvester and Joanna Rowe
1573 4-Jul Netherton Jo. And Mawde Jeffrey
1573 22-Jul Hockyn Christopher and Eliz. Harvy
1573 27-Oct Hodge George and Elizabeth Band
1573 23-Jan Knocke Edye and Thomasine Cocke
1574 25-Apr Ruby Henry and Margery Cornish
1574 25-Apr Terreby William and Katherin Collman
1574 29-Apr Allen Henry and English Harvie
1575 24-Oct Cocke John and Mary his wife
1575 31-Jan Cornelis William and Joanna his wife
1576 19-May Crume Jo. And Elinor his wife
1576 19-Jun Putt Wm. And Katherine Irish
1576 3-Jul Weet Nic. And Alice his wife
1576 15-Oct Collma Christopher and Katherine Ruby
1576 29-Oct Glandfield Ric. And Margery Collman
1576 11-Nov Crowdicote Walter and Margaret Rush
1576 20-Nov Tom Jo. And Christiana Penwarne
1577 17-Jun Cowlyng Jo. And Elizabeth Collman
1577 14-Jul Jose Jo. And Eliz. Tregarth
1577 7-Oct Winser Jo. And Jane Tucker
1578 28-Apr Geffrey Richard and Ellen Stranunge
1578 24-Nov Thorne Tho. And Joanna Snicke
1579 29-Nov Collins Jo. And Margaret
1579 29-Nov Hornabrock Jo. And Juliana Blacke
1580 16-Aug Collman Nic. And Mary Peerse
1581 26-Jul Gay Robert and Amy Jenkin
1582 19-May Edwardes John and Margery Gaudle
1582 26-May Hodge Christopher and Sibble Hoop
1582 26-May Hoop George and Margaret Dent
1582 15-Oct Danna Hugh and Mary Bennet
1582 23-Oct Blake Christopher and Margarett Danon
1582 3-Jan Shorte Richard and Joanna Harris
1582 20-Feb Trewynicke William andn Philippa (Cornish?)
1583 29-Apr Joce John and Thomasine Rush
1583 10-Oct Ri? Cha?? ????? And Jane Trewynnicke
1583 14-Nov Howe Hugh and Barbara Collman
1584 27-Apr Joce Stephen and Katherine Rondell
1584 8-Sep Davy ????????????????????/
1584 5-Oct Dawe William and Wilmot Upcot
1584 6-Feb Warren Tho. And Joanna Marke
1585 3-Aug Rooby George and Joan Wallis
1585 27-Nov Wilky Hugh and Emme Hender
1585 29-Jan Hodge William and Alson Dawe
1588 Hibsell Henry and Barbara Hodge
1588 Gist Gideon and Joanna Treveighan
1588 3-Aug Dier Francis and Mavice Prise (Prist)
1588 18-Nov Bennet Nicholas and Margery Danon
1588 7-Feb Orton Jo. And Mary Bowman
1588 24-Feb White Richard and Margery Dawe
1590 14-Aug Kyng alias Bishop William and Mary Jeffrey
1590 28-Nov Barkly Henry and Amy Philpe
1590 22-Jun Slogett Christopher and Eliz. Rondell
1592 Apr Wallis Jo. And Anna Pawle
1592 ????Ebbl? ???? And Emme Slogget
1592 Dingle Jo. & Wilmot Dawe
1592 29-Jan Bennet alias Rawlinge Jo. And Alice Bray
1591 Mone Digory and Joan Jhaser
1591 Hender William and Thomasine Hore
1593 25-Jun Cocke Ric. And Joanna Kellowe
1593 25-Jun Wallis William and Joan Hoper
1593 26-Dec Rooby Henry and Joanna Marke
1594 26-Feb Trevighan Hugh and Joanna Heeke
1594 27-Jan Warren Robert and Joanne Rowe
1596 7-Feb Hill Henry and Thomasine Gilberte
1596 28-Apr Millard Christopher and Joanna his wife
1596 13-Apr Warren Hugh and Margery Collman
1596 30-Jun Slogett Jo. And Pacience  Bray
1596 3-Nov Heeke Stephen and ???????
1596 6-Nov Joce Digory and Eliz. Prest
1596 7-Nov Hoare Sampson and Eliza Hender
1597 27-Feb Seekeham Willaim and Jane Cowling
1598 20-May Willes Jo. And Philippa Rogers
1600 25-Jan Hocken alias Tregarth Jo. And Fancy Crosseman
1601 23-Jan Wilkie William and Margaret Shorte
1602 Jul Tooker William and Johanna Wallis
1602 2-Nov Blake William and Katherine Cocke
1603 21-Nov Crowdacote Stephen and Jane Chapple
1604 31-May Robins Richard and Joanna Edward
1604 5-Aug Werryn John and Elizabeth Tom
1604 5-Nov Cocke Henry and Agnes Collins
1604 19-Feb Ibbel John and Mary Cleark
1607 28-Sep Edwarde William and Katherine Terribbe
1607 19-Oct Bastard Adrian or Abraham and Alce Cowling
1607 2-Nov Stone John and Susanna More
1607 13-Nov Where Edward and Grace Bond or Band
1607 8-Feb Taylor John Taylor and Dorothy Combe
1608 26-Apr Facie Digory and Margery Jefferie
1608 10-Oct Danon Henry and Jone Roupe or Rouse
1608 23-Nov Collman Christopher and Elizabeth Joyce
1609 30-Nov Langdon John and Elizabeth Cornelius