The original document was made of heavy parchment paper and folded for so long it was impossible to make it lie flat without fear of damaging it.  The outside cover said on one end -

Thomas Pearse Esqr.

New London Inn Exeter or

Greisan Coffee House Temple



And on the other end


Thos. Phillipps Esqr.

Certificate of Burial

D. XVIII.4 w


There is an official stamp of some kind in red but I cannot read it.


On the inside is the following :



It appears by the Register of Burials in the Parish of Talaton in the County of Devon that Thomas Phillips Esqr was buried on the 27th day of Feb 1806.

Witnesses my hand this first day of September one thousand eight hundred and twenty two.

Richard Houlditch, Curate of Talaton.



I have pleasure of forwarding to you this above and have been desired to state to you by Sir J. Kennaway that a fee of 2/6 is charged to him on acct. of it.

I am yours respectfully,

Richard Houlditch.



Transcriber notes;

Cornwall Records office - 2009

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