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The genealogy database program I use provides for this website. It is rather limited, but adequate for now. It allows for a .jpg file for each entry. Obviously I don't have pictures for everyone in my tree. So I've tried to include some other piece of information such as a copy of a death, birth or marriage certificate when available. You will notice an icon, that looks like a camera, next to the name when there is a picture attached.

I have removed from the database anyone born after 1920 and a few others that are older than that and lucky enough to still be above the sod. If you believe you are related to someone living that is missing from this tree, and would like some additional information, please contact me. This is a work in progress and I can't be responsible for any omissions or errors, but if you find one, I'll happily fix it

The information here is not to be used for commerical purposes and is copyright protected.

The picture above is of me, my mother and my father taken shortly after my father returned home from WWII where he served in the Navy.


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