1 John William HIGBY (HIGBEE)
Birth:         17 Feb 1854, Steubenville, Ohio
Death:         13 Feb 1916, Greenland, CO
Occ:           Farmer
Father:        John William HIGBY (HIGBEE) (1821-)
Mother:        Catherine ANSTINE (1825-)
The Higbees were living in Garden Grove, Decatur, Iowa in the 1880 census.  William's parents were both born in Ohio.  By 1900 census and after the 1885 Iowa census they had moved to Monument, Colorado.
From the book OUR HERITAGE People of Douglas County Colorado
"John William Higby was the ninth generation of the Higby family to live in America.  He is the third child of John William Higbee and Catherine Anstine."
"The family moved from Garden Grove, Iowa, and homesteaded near Peyton, CO April 8, 1888.  In 1892 he moved the family to the near by town of Eastonville, Colorado.
John went to work for the Russell-Gates Mercantile Company in Eastonville, Colorado shortly after arriving in Colorado.  He bought an interest in the business, which he helped to expand, by opening up stores in nearby towns until 1900 when he sold his interest in the business.
The family moved to Monument, Colorado where they opened up their own store which John and his four sons ran for a number of years.  In 1906, the Higby family and Mr. C. C. Hemming of the El Paso National Bank, now the First National Bank of Colorado Sprints purchased the Greenland Ranch from Mr. Pollack which they took possession of July 1, 1909.  (See Greenland Ranch Photos)
The Greenland Ranch was homesteaded between the years of 1870 and 1875.  As a ranch, it was owned by Kountz and Sheety, McMurrie, Pollock, and then to the Higby Family.
When the ranch was first started they ran Gallaway cattle, then changed to Shorhorn and now Herefords.
John William left home as a teenager, and he did not know about having a brother living in Lamar, Colorado, one in Yuma, Colorado and a third in Simla, Colorado, a half brother living in Fountain, Colorado and a half sister in Osborn Kansas until he had lived in Colorado a number of years.
Though Mr. Higby only had a third grand education, he was a very good businessman.  He left the management of the two stores, mostly in the hands of his sons and took over the management of the newly purchased ranch until his death in 1916."
Spouse:        Emily (Emma) BRILEY
Birth:         14 Apr 1856, Des Moines, Iowa
Death:         1943
Father:        Stephen Herriman BRILEY (1827-)
Mother:        Sarah Jane HITE (1833-)
Emma's father was born in Ohio and her mother in Pennsylvania.
Marr:          10 Jan 1877, Garden Grove, Iowa
Children:      Louis Richard (1880-1966)
               Olive (1878-)
               Eugene (1884-)
               Carl M. (1882-)
               Jennie Katheyne (1886-1950)
               John Brazelton (-1918)
1.1 Louis Richard HIGBY
Birth:         6 Jan 1880,  Garden Grove, Iowa
Death:         14 Dec 1966, Larkspur, Douglas, CO
Spouse:        Jennie Elizabeth LAKE
Birth:         23 Dec 1883, Clinton, Iowa
Death:         23 Jun 1974, Larkspur, Douglas, CO
Burial:        26 Jun 1974, Fairmont Cemetery, Denver Co.
Father:        William LAKE Jr. (1849-1934)
Mother:        Lousia M. HENDRICKS (1853-1915)
Marr:          4 Dec 1907, Colorado Springs, CO
1.2 Olive HIGBY (HIGBEE)
Birth:         1878, Iowa
Spouse:        James KILLIN
Children:      Louis
1.3 Eugene HIGBY (HIGBEE)
Birth:         1884, Decatur, Iowa
Spouse:        Blanche DAVID
1.4 Carl M. HIGBY (HIGBEE)
Birth:         1882, Decatur, Iowa
Spouse:        Dorthea HULBERT
1.5 Jennie Katheyne HIGBY
Birth:         26 Nov 1886, Garden Grove, Decatur Co. Iowa
Death:         5 Sep 1950, Colorado Spring, El Paso Co. Colorado
Occ:           Housewife
Spouse:        Charles Fred NOE
Birth:         15 Oct 1885, Greenland, Douglas Co. Colorado
Death:         26 Sep 1969, Grand Junction, Mesa Co Colorado
Burial:        29 Sep 1969, Monument, El Paso, Colorado
Occ:           Rancher
Father:        Issac Jegirtha NOE (1850-1943)
Mother:        Jennie T. CAIN (1850-1929)
Marr:          19 Jun 1907, Monument, Colorado
Children:      Fred William (1908-1985)
               Frank Carl (1909-1933)
               Charles Louis (1911-1954)
               Richard Campbell (1914-1985)
               Jennie Katheryne (1917-)
               Willis Pierce (1921-1938)
               Isaac John (1922-1996)
               Helen Ema (1925-)
               James H. (1927-)
               Gertrude Ann (1932-)
1.6 John Brazelton HIGBY (HIGBEE)
Death:         22 Oct 1918
Spouse:        Gladys JOHNSTON