Things have been a little on the slow side during the Thanksgiving holidays and with the rain we had.  Back at it now, things are progressing.
This is the kitchen area and through the wall is the wood shop. Which door will you choose?
Door #1 is the refrigerator area, Door #2 is entry to pantry, Door#3 is the wall oven, Door #4 is a broom closet.
You can see the new walls here but also the existing sliding glass door as they are trying to leave it up as long as possible due to the cool 40 degree nights we've had.
The wood shop here should have a wonderful view and will have concrete in front of the door for moving tools outdoors in the summer time.  I think his shop has turned out to be as big as the kitchen and dining area.
Preparations for the last outside wall.
Metal piece is make a shear wall.  Earthquake safety.
Framer making a few modifications.