Home Remodel-Jan_21-2007
The builders have been here almost everyday, but the work that is going on now doesn't really show. 
This is the old kitchen area which is going to be a new bath and pantry.  No not in the same room!!
The first of the windows have been installed.  The new sliding door hasn't arrived yet but the window to the left is the new kitchen window.
This is where the old sliding door that led to the old patio was.  The wooden dining set that is partially disassembled has been sold.
The heater ducting up and over the big beam.
The new furnace/airconditioning unit on a platform over the door connecting the garage and the shop.
The venting for the new forced heater and air conditioning.
A preliminary flooring choice.  Wood throughout with the stone in the bath. The flooring is quite a concern as there is no where to really break from one type to another except in the bedrooms and baths.  No carpeting because it is undesirable in the kitchen.  Tile is hard and cold and with the high ceilings would amplify noise, wood is to be thought about.  These samples are what they call luxury vinyl.  The wood goes in as planks like real wood but it is softer on my bad knees.  A consideration at this point.