Yesterday, the framer spent the day putting together the next wall to be hoisted up.  Today they add another wall which is part of the new kitchen.  The plumber was also here rearranging and adding some gas pipes.  I have been busy packing up the remaining items out of the old kitchen which will be gutted early next week. 
The procedure was like the one on the first wall.  Raise it up, it sits on blocks until it can be centered over the posts coming out of the foundation and then it is dropped into place with a push here and a pull there until it is lined up.
The framer is a 65 year old man who has a couple of young fellows helping him.  They are getting good training as you hear him say "No nails sticking out.  Pound those down.  Safety first." 
Husband's work shop.
The plywood wall is part of the shop.  The window opening is the kitchen.  I decided to sell my current stove, so I cleaned it up and put it on Craig's list and it was sold, and out of here within 2 hours.  A free internet ad.
The kitchen, and family room area.