Home_Remodel_Nov 13-16
Today, they delivered the lumber for our frame.  It is interesting to see who they "drop" it off the truck.  They pull forward a bit and then slam on their brakes that make the load move closer to the end of the truck.  They then pull the back end down a bit until it touches the ground.  Put some 2X4's under the load, and pull the truck forward until it just drops on the ground. 
They repeat the step of driving forward and steping on the brakes several times to get the load positioned to drop.
Caught this just as it hit the ground.
The contractor, architect, framer, and homeowner having a discussion of the next steps.
Here they begin to layout where the framing and beams will go.
Have to check the invoice to make sure we got all that was ordered.
An aerial view.  It rained or the fog was so heavy it was like rain the last couple of days so they only worked short days. Today it is beautiful out.