Home Remodel Oct. 28-
Two dump truck loads of sand were brought in.  They had to put it in the street as they were afraid that the weight of the sand plus the weight of the dump truck would break our driveway.
The sand will be taken by wheel barrow to the back and used to cushion water and sewer pipes and as a base for our cement foundation. The three most important men in my life right now.  Husband, Architect and Contractor.
The rest of the sand will be spread about the yard to help bring it up to grade as we ran out of dirt after the compaction.  The big rocks had been removed and the compaction just used up more soil than what was used previously.
The fill in and level process.  Three inches, don't quote me here, of sand and then a layer of plastic for a moisture barrier and then more sand to bring it up to a level that when the concrete is added it will match the existing floor.  Yes, I helped load the sand into the wheel barrows.  Not a lot but 6 or 7 loads.  Then hubby made me stop.