Home Remodel - September 21-22
Okay, enough already!  The jack-hammering is starting to get to me.  Even though we have all the doors and windows closed, everything inside is covered with a fine layer of dirt.  A candle broke when it was shaken the window sill and a basket of artificial flowers fell to the floor.  All in all everything is okay.
Up close and personal with our sliding glass door. See the brown wall way in the back next to the door, that's where my new kitchen will be.
The area they are working in is my new living room.  The small window on the left is the existing kitchen and the area behind the sliding door will become the dining room.
A new woodworking shop here.
After two long days the crew looks tired as they finish tonight.
9/22/2006-Oops, they broke a water pipe.  Repairs underway.
Getting ready for concrete pad and soil compaction. 9/22/2006