Thank you to Catherine Block who gave me much of the Henricks family information and the attached family notes.
1 Johann Benjamin HEINRICH
Birth:         12 Sep 1821, Tottleben, Sachsen, Preussen
Death:         7 Oct 1887, Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois
Father:        Johann Michael HEINRICH (1777-1842)
Mother:        Marta Elisabetha BRUCKNER (1794-1865)
Emigrated to the US in 1858.
Spouse:        Maria Elisabetha LEICH
Birth:         19 Feb 1826, Tottleben, Sachsen, Preussen
Father:        Georg Christoph LEICH (1795-1876)
Mother:        Anna Maria WALTER (1803-1840)
Marr:          7 May 1848, Tottleben, Sachsen, Preussen
Children:      Johane (Jennie) (1848-1932)
               Marie Christiane (1848-)
               Christiane Wilhelmine (1850-)
               Hendrich (1852-1852)
               Lousia M. (1853-1915)
               Marie Christiane Berta (1855-1855)
               Marie Henriette Rosalie (1857-)
               Emma (1862-)
               Ella (1865-1940)
               Lilly (1868-)
1.1 Johane (Jennie) HENDRICKS
Birth:         1848, Germany
Death:         19 May 1932, Colorado Springs, CO
Spouse:        Sebastian GREENWAY
Birth:         1839, NY
Death:         28 Feb 1922, Colorado Springs, CO
Burial:        Evergreen Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO
Father:        Jacob GREENWAY (1799-)
Mother:        Jennie (1804-)
Marr:          19 May 1874
1.2 Marie Christiane HENDRICKS
Birth:         24 Oct 1848, Tottleben, Sachsen, Preussen
1.3 Christiane Wilhelmine HENDRICHS
Birth:         26 Dec 1850, Tottleben, Sachsen, Preussen
1.4 Hendrich HENDRICKS
Birth:         29 Sep 1852, Tottleben, Sachsen, Preussen
Death:         29 Sep 1852, Tottleben, Sachsen, Preussen
1.5 Lousia M. HENDRICKS
Birth:         15 Oct 1853, Tottleben, Sachsen, Preussen
Death:         3 Jul 1915, Clinton, Iowa
Found a birth record for Maria Luise Hendrich with same birthdate and location as other documentation I have.  So making assumption that this is our Louisa since I also have a document with her name as Mary Louise Hendrick and name have been   known to change through the years and with immigration.
These records were later confirmed by a descendant of her sister Lily who made a trip to Tottleben and found the entries from old church records.
All family information related to this record with the exception of her birthdate and birthplace came from an IGI record on
Louisa was sickly and was sent to Colorado to live with her sister.  They used to ride the horses really fast although they weren't supposed to do it. She taught school and piano in Colorado.
Spouse:        William LAKE Jr.
Birth:         2 Jan 1849, Skenfrith, Monomouthsire, England
Death:         22 May 1934, Highland Park, IL - Lake Co.
Burial:        Springdale Cemetery, Clinton, Iowa
Father:        William LAKE Sr. (1826-1918)
Mother:        Elizabeth MEREDITH (1824-1897)
Marr:          27 Dec 1881, Cook Co. Illinois - License #0005851
Children:      Jennie Elizabeth (1883-1974)
               Charles William (1885-1981)
               Louisa Irene (1887-1943)
               Sebastian Greenway (1889-1946)
               John (1891-1949)
               Female Infant (-1892)
1.6 Marie Christiane Berta HENDRICH
Birth:         5 Oct 1855, Tottleben, Sachsen, Preussen
Death:         16 Dec 1855, Tottleben, Sachsen, Preussen
1.7 Marie Henriette Rosalie HENDRICH
Birth:         22 Mar 1857, Tottleben, Sachsen, Preussen
Birth:         1862, Illinois
Birth:         1865, Illinois
Death:         1940
Spouse:        Adam G. SCHLOERER
Birth:         1863, Illinois
Father:        John Adam SCHLOERER (1826-1891)
Mother:        Elizabeth (1826-1906)
Marr:          7 Nov 1889, Cook, Il
Children:      Hazel Lily
               Grace Louise (1894-1995)
When Ella married Adam in 1889, she wrote a letter to her sister Jennie in Colorado describing her wedding and new home.  Her is her letter given to me by Catherine Block is here..
1.10 Lilly HENDRICKS
Birth:         1868, Illinois
Spouse:        Frederick MUHLBERGER
Birth:         Jul 1867, Illinois
Death:         bef 1920
Occ:           Police officer in the 1900 census.
Marr:          12 Aug 1891, Cook Co, IL
Children:      Rosie (1902-)
               Frederick (1905-)