1 John Hodges WINSLOE
Thank you to Alice Rose for her assistance with this family.
Birth:         1796, Trelleck, Monmouthshire, Wales
Death:         14 May 1862, Henlyss, Monmouth, Wales
Occ:           Proprietor of Lots 24 & 33 - Gentleman
Father:        John Elliot WINSLOE (1771-1842)
Mother:        Amelia Perkins HODGES (1776-1822)
In the 1841 census John and Elizabeth are living with some of their children in Henlyss. 
In the 1861 census, John is living in Trelleck with his occupation listed as Land Proprietor.  Living with him are his daughter in law, Elizabeth and grandson John George Elliot Winsole.  Elizabeth is a widow.
Winsloe/Winslow, John Hodges. 
Title: Account Books : 1815-1835. 
Description: 1 microfilm reel of textual records ; 35 mm. 
Information: The Winsloe/Winslow family were the proprietors of Lot 24 in Queens County, Prince Edward Island. This land bordered the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the north coast of the Island. 
Contents: The material consists of an account book, which contains daily receipts, cash balances and expenditures, and details of business transactions, including the Rustico fishery, 1815-1828; and a rent book, 1822-1835. The rent book includes the names of tenants, with the amount of rent paid for a specific number of acres during a given period of time. 
Originals: The original records are held by the Public Archives of Prince Edward Island. 
Numbers: PAPEI RG 15 Commissioner of Crown Lands. 
Notes: Additional information concerning the Winsloe/Winslow estate can be found in the microfilm of the Prince Edward Island Rent Books, which are located in the Loyalist Collection and shelved at MIC-Loyalist FC LPR .P7L3R4, reels 10 and 11. 
Spouse:        Elizabeth LAKE
Birth:         19 Apr 1801, Trelleck, Monmouth
Death:         1858
Burial:        Henlyss
Father:        Henry LAKE (1752-1828)
Mother:        Sarah LEWIS (1761-1826)
In the 1851 census, Elizabeth is head of the household on her farm of 23 acres in Trelleck.  Living with her are two of her children Ann and Henry and also her sister-in-law Amelia Winsloe.
Elizabeth's husband John Hodges Winsloe is living in Henlyss on a farm with one of his son's James.
Marr:          23 Nov 1823, Newland, Gloucester
Children:      Alfred (1825-1869)
               Amelia (1826-1909)
               John Hodges (1828-1901)
               Arthur Hodges (1829-1830)
               Elisabeth (1831-1839)
               James (1833-1858)
               Henry (1834-1863)
               Ann (1836-1902)
               Herbert (1838-1839)
               Ebenezer (1842-1845)
1.1 Alfred WINSLOE
Birth:         22 Aug 1825, Trelleck, Monmouth
Death:         16 Apr 1869
Found ship records for an Alfred Winsloe who immigrated to Prince Edward Island in 1869, he was 44 years old so fits this Alfred, but don't know for sure. 
Spouse:        Amey LLOYD
Birth:         1828
Death:         4 Jan 1874
Father:        James LLOYD (1805-)
Mother:        Leah (1803-)
Marr:          Jun 1847, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Children:      John Hodges (1849-1915)
               Alfred (1851-)
               Henry (1854-~1862)
               Alice (1857-1926)
               Amy (1859-)
               Isabel (1861-)
               Arthur (1863-1879)
1.2 Amelia WINSLOE
Birth:         29 Dec 1826, Trelleck, Monmouth
Death:         1909
In the 1881 census it was stated that Amy Winsloe, 22 and Isabel Winsloe, 20 both niece from Prince Edward Island, Canada were in the household.
Spouse:        Sidney Tudor EVANS
Birth:         1823, Newport, Monmouth
Death:         1905
Occ:           Ret. Land Agent
In the 1851 census Sidney and Amelia are living in Bassaleg, Monmouthshire.  Sidney is employed commission agent.  Living at Fern Hill, Lower Llanvrechva, Monmouth in the 1881 census.  Family had several servants.  They were Ellen Lloyd, 19 Dom Serv. Cood, Florence Burns, 17, Dom Serv Housemaid, George Taswell, 19 Farm Serv. Indoor, John Holdord, 16, Groom, Domestic.  In the 1891 and the 1901 census the whole family is still together living in Henllys, Monmouthshire.
Marr:          Sep 1846, Bristol, England
Children:      Isabella A. (1847-)
               Flora Winsloe (1849-)
               Arthur W. (1855-)
1.3 John Hodges WINSLOE
Birth:         3 Mar 1828, Trelleck, Monmouth
Death:         Feb 1901, Nova Scotia
They lived in Wheatley River, PEI.  Mr. Winsloe from England arrived September 27, 1849 on board the Rose from Pictou.
Spouse:        Elizabeth Jane JORDAN
Birth:         21 Mar 1832, Trellech, Monmouth, Wales
Death:         4 Mar 1874, Merryland, Monmouthshire, Wales
Father:        Edward JORDAN (1796-1886)
Mother:        Mary Ann BOWEN (1808-)
Marr:          9 Feb 1854
Children:      Amelia Anne (Minnie) (1855-1935)
               John Elliott (1858-1941)
1.4 Arthur Hodges WINSLOE
Birth:         15 Oct 1829, Trelleck, Monmouth
Death:         Feb 1830
1.5 Elisabeth WINSLOE
Birth:         2 Mar 1831
Death:         1839, Henlyss
1.6 James WINSLOE
Birth:         5 Mar 1833, Trelleck, Monmouth
Death:         29 Jul 1858, Trelleck, Monmouth, Wales
Spouse:        Elizabeth ARNOLD
Birth:         1833, Carne, Devon
Father:        Edward ARNOLD
Mother:        Mary
In the 1861 census, Elizabeth is a widow living with her deceased husbands family.
Marr:          6 Oct 1854, Henlyss, Monmouth, Wales
Children:      James Arnold (1854-)
               John George Elliot (1856-)
1.7 Henry WINSLOE
Birth:         17 Apr 1834
Death:         2 Aug 1863, Wheatley River
Occ:           Stableman
Spouse:        Ann Elizabeth HODGES
Birth:         1 Mar 1834, Bedford, England
Death:         1905
Burial:        St Mark's Anglican Cemetery, Rustico
Father:        William HODGES
Marr:          13 Aug 1855
Children:      Henry Hodges (1857-)
               Annie (1858-1873)
               Stanley Jones (1860-1925)
               Agnes Beatrice (1862-1931)
Birth:         1 Mar 1836, Trelleck, Monmouth
Death:         Feb 1902, Essex, UK
1.9 Herbert WINSLOE
Birth:         17 Aug 1838, Trelleck, Monmouth
Death:         1839, Monmouth, Wales
1.10 Ebenezer WINSLOE
Birth:         21 Feb 1842, Trelleck, Monmouth, Wales
Death:         Dec 1845, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales