1 Frederick  John LAKE
Birth:         17 Oct 1829, Trelleck, MONMOUTH
Death:         May 1907
Occ:           Laborer Iron Works-1881 Gardener in 1891
Father:        John LAKE (1795-1856)
Mother:        Flora Margaret PONTIFEX (1802-1869)
Batch No. C022691 1725-1875 - Source Call No. 0104918 File- Printout Call No. 0820607.
Was living as a boarder at 64 High St. Llanover, Monmouth in the 1881 Census
In the 1891 census the family was living in Cwmbrn, South Monmouth.
In 1901,  the family was living in Llanvihangel Llatarnam, Monmouth.  Living in the household were Fred, Louise and grandson Frederick born in Newport in 1892.  Living next door to them is their daughter Flora M. and Wm. Pennells.
Spouse:        Louisa Jane RODWAY
Birth:         5 Mar 1834, Bradford, Wiltshire
Father:        Joseph RODWAY
Mother:        Matilda LOCKE (~1812-1884)
Found Louisa living in Monmouth in the 1881 census with two children, Flora and Frederick.  States that she is married.  Frederick was living as a boarder in Llanover in 1881.
Marr:          Dec 1857, Monmouth, Wales
Children:      William Henry (1860-)
               Mary Matilda (1862-)
               John A. (1864-1956)
               Frederick William (1867-1903)
               Flora M. (1870-)
1.1 William Henry LAKE
Birth:         1860, Skenfrith, Monmouthshire
Occ:           Some sort of fireman.
Found Wm. and Louisa living in St. Woollos, Monmouthshire in 1891 census.   By 1901 the family was in Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire.
Spouse:        Louisa
Birth:         1866, Five Lane, Monmouth
Marr:          abt 1890
Children:      Dorothy (1893-)
1.2 Mary Matilda LAKE
Birth:         16 Apr 1862, Skenfrith, Monmouthshire, Wales
1.3a John A. LAKE*
Birth:         23 Oct 1864, Skenfrith, Monmouth, Wales
Death:         2 Oct 1956, Clinton, Iowa
Spouse:        Lucy STETSON
Birth:         Jul 1865, Iowa
Death:         1920
Burial:        Springdale Cemetery, Clinton, Iowa
Father:        Ethel STETSON (~1822-)
Mother:        Harriet (1828-)
Marr:          abt 1890, Clinton, Iowa
Children:      Harry Bark (1891-1975)
               Florence (1893-1985)
               Robert (1896-1905)
               Frank Dewey (1898-1956)
               Clifford Dwight (1900-1995)
Other Spouses Sadie Louisa OLMSTED
1.3b John A. LAKE* (See above)
Spouse:        Sadie Louisa OLMSTED
Birth:         May 1870, Rock Island, Illinois
Death:         14 Aug 1961, Fulton, Illinois
Burial:        Springdale Cemetery, Clinton, Iowa
Occ:           Physician
Father:        Robert B. OLMSTED (1832-)
Mother:        Mary M. LINN (1844-)
Marr:          abt 1921, Clinton, Iowa
Other Spouses Lucy STETSON
1.4 Frederick William LAKE
Birth:         4 Sep 1867, Skenfrith, Monmouth, Wales
Death:         2 Nov 1903, Clinton, Iowa Obituary
Occ:           Tool Maker in 1891 census.
From the 1881 census of Monmouth.
Spouse:        Lizzie
Birth:         Apr 1872, England
Children:      Elsie (1898-)
               George (bef 1903-)
1.5 Flora M. LAKE
Birth:         3 Feb 1870, Ashcott, Somerset
Spouse:        William Henry PENNELLS
Birth:         1872, Cwmbras, Monmouth
Occ:           Coal Miner and Timberman
Found the family living next door to Flora's parents in the 1901 census.  They are living in Llanvihangel Llantarnam, Monmouthshire.  Williamis a coalminer and timberman.
Marr:          Dec 1898, Newport, Monmouth
Children:      Frederick (1900-)