1 Henry LAKE Thank you to Lesley VanGroesen, Patricia Ridsdale and Mike John for all their assistance with this family.
Birth:         1752, Holsworthy, Devonshire, England
Death:         1 Jun 1828, Trellech
Father:        Unknown LAKE
Film 447927
Was manager of the estates Of Thomas Lewis, Esq.  Here he married Sarah Lewis, a farmer's daughter in Trellech about 1788. They settled down on a small farm of 40 acres and had 10 children, two of whom died in infancy.  The other six sons and two daughters lived to grow up and get married, except the youngest, Thomas who was an old bachelor.
During the search for the Lake family in Trellech, I had identified all but one family of Lakes and knew how they fit into my tree.  I met on the Internet Lesley (Lake) who lived in Australia.  The two of us looked for clues as to how George might be related.  We felt the connection was there but couldn't prove it.  Through the reading of Henry Lake's will we found that, indeed, Henry had a son named George.  Needless to say we were excited for finding the connection and had many hours of emailing back and forth to put together the rest of the family as you see it here.

As indicated in the letter on my front page from Grandpa Lake, Henry's parents were living in Holsworthy, Devon.  They died leaving seven children who, it appears, were sent to a variety of family members to be raised.  The only child other than Henry mentioned in the letter is William.  Since Lake is a fairly common name, without the parents names it is almost impossible to trace back this family any further.

I have contact the GRO in Devon to see if they might find the birth of Henry but to no avail.   We find Lake families in the area that are possible candidates since they appear to have a birth every two years and there is a break in the timeframe that Henry was born.  But as far as actual proof as to who his parents are, that remains a mystery.
Documentation includes a copy of Henry Lake and Sarah marriage by Banns from the National Library of Wales.  ALso a copy of the Henry Lake's will.  Click here for a transcription of his will.
Spouse:        Sarah LEWIS
Birth:         27 Sep 1761, Trellech
Death:         4 Jun 1826, Trellech
Burial:        1826, South side of Trellech Church next to Henry
Father:        Thomas LEWIS (-1808)
Mother:        Mary
Marr:          10 Sep 1788, Trellech, Monmouth
Film Number 457192
Children:      Mary (1789-1851)
               Henry (1790-1829)
               William (1792-1877)
               John (1795-1856)
               George (1796-1871)
               Elizabeth (1798-1801)
               Thomas (1800-1800)
               Elizabeth (1801-1858)
               James (1803-1858)
               Thomas (1808-1871)
1.1 Mary LAKE
Birth:         12 Apr 1789, Trellech, Monmouth, Wales
Death:         aft 1851
Film Number 457192
Spouse:       James REYNOLDS
Birth:         5 May 1782, Penalt, Monmouth
Death:         bef 1851
Father:        James REYNOLDS (1756-1828)
Mother:        Eleanor RICHARDS (~1746-1820)
Marr:          21 Mar 1825, Trellech
In the presence of John Lake and Flora Margaret Price/Pontifex
Children:      Henry Lake (1827-)
                      Elizabeth (1829-)
1.2 Henry LAKE
Birth:         9 Jun 1790, Llandogo, Monmouthshire, Wales
Death:         2 Nov 1829, Trellech, Monmouth, Wales
Batch No. C058422 Dates 1725-1812 Source Call No. 0104925 Film 1037085
Spouse:       Elizabeth MORGAN
Birth:  1794, Monmouthshire, Wales
Death:  1840
Children:      James (1825-1859)
               Louisa (1827-1827)
               Elizabeth (1827-1850)
               Amelia (1831-)
               John (1835-)
1.3 William LAKE
Birth:         17 Jun 1792, Trellech, Monmouth, Wales
Death:         26 Dec 1877, Loretto , PA
Film no. 457192
Spouse:        Anna McCLOSKEY
Birth:         1806
Death:         25 Jul 1859
Burial:        St. Michael Cemetery Loretto, Allegheny Township
Father:        Patrick McCLOSKEY
Mother:        Ann
Marr:          23 Aug 1831, St. Michael's Loretto, PA
Children:      Elizabeth (1834-)
               Ann Theresa (1836-)
               Mary Jane (~1837-)
               John G. (1840-1880)
               Margaret Ellen (Ellie) (1844-)
1.4 John LAKE
Birth:         8 Feb 1795, Trellech, Monmouth, Wales
Death:         24 Jan 1856
Occ:           grocer and farmer
Film 457192
Spouse:      Flora Margaret Pontifex
Birth:         17 Nov 1802, St. John's Square, Clerkenwell, London
Death:         29 Dec 1869
Burial:        1 Jan 1870, Monmouth
Father:        Daniel PONTIFEX (1768-1826)
Mother:        Harriet BLAND (1774-1866)
Marr:          4 Jul 1825, Newland, Gloucester,
Batch M036201 - Dates 1754-1851 Source Call No. 0856960 Film Printout Call No. 6911883.
Children:      William (1826-1918)
                     Frederick  John (1829-1907)
                   Flora Margaret (1845-1891)
1.5 George LAKE
Birth:         1796
Death:         27 Jul 1871, Beacon Hill, Monmouth, Wales
Spouse:        Susannah JAUNCEY
Birth:         30 Oct 1808, Trellech, Monmouth, Wales
Death:         15 Dec 1867, Beacon Hill, Monmouth, Wales
Father:        John JAUNCEY
Mother:        Elizabeth
Marr:          12 Dec 1825, Trellech, Monmouth
Children:      Elizabeth (1828-1831)
               Sarah Ann (1830-)
               Elizabeth (1832-1833)
               Caroline (1834-1838)
               Oliver (1836-)
               George William (1837-1838)
               Lucy (1839-)
               John Octavius (1841-1922)
               Susannah Amelia (1845-1905)
               Eleanor Decima (1847-)
1.6 Elizabeth LAKE
Birth:         6 May 1798, Trellech
Death:         1801, Trellech, Monmouth, Wales
Film Number 457192
1.7 Thomas LAKE
Birth:         30 Mar 1800
Death:         28 Aug 1800
1.8 Elizabeth LAKE
Birth:         19 Apr 1801, Trellech, Monmouth
Death:         1858
Spouse:        John Hodges WINSLOE
Death:         14 May 1862, Henlyss, Monmouth, Wales
Birth:         1796, Trellech, Monmouthshire, Wales
Burial:        Henlyss
Occ:           Proprietor of Lots 24 & 33 - Gentleman
Father:        John Elliot WINSLOE (1771-1842)
Mother:        Amelia Perkins HODGES (1776-1822)
Winsloe/Winslow, John Hodges. 
Marr:          23 Nov 1823, Newland, Gloucester
Children:      Alfred (1825-1869)
               Amelia (1826-1909)
               John Hodges (1828-1901)
               Arthur Hodges (1829-1830)
               Elisabeth (1831-1839)
               James (1833-1858)
               Henry (1834-1863)
               Ann (1836-1902)
               Herbert (1838-1839)
               Ebenezer (1842-1845)
1.9a James LAKE*
Birth:         17 Jul 1803, Trellech, Monmouth, Wales
Death:         9 Feb 1858, Whiteleigh, Monmouth
Occ:           Hoop Maker - according to the 1851Census
Film No. 457192
Spouse:        Ann WATKINS
Birth:         1810
Death:         15 Jun 1837, Tellech, Monmouthshire, Wales
Marr:          13 Sep 1830, Trellech, Monmouth, Wales
Batch no. 7031425 Source Call No. 0538712 Sheet 8
Witness John Richards and Elizabeth Lake
Children:      Alfred (1831-1901)
               Henry (1833-1836)
Other Spouses Anne HOPKINS
1.9b  James Lake
Spouse:      Anne Hopkins
Birth:        1818, Trelleck, Monmouth, Wales
Children:  Herbert  (1840-)
             Margaret (1842-)
             James (1848-)
            William (1851-)
1.10 Thomas LAKE
Birth:         7 Jun 1808, Trellech, Monmouth
Death:         aft 1871
Occ:           Shoemaker
Film No. 447927
Was a bachelor.  Never married.
In the 1841 census, Thomas is working as a shoemaker.  Later I found Thomas in the Charminster Dorset Asylum in the 1871 census.  He is a patient and listed as a lunetic.