John Lake Will
Proved 24th April 1856
Diocese of Llandaff,        }    In the Goods of John Lake deceased
In the Consistory Court  }
Appeared personally John Jones of the Town of Monmouth in the County of Monmouth, Innkeeper the Sole
Executor named in the last Will and Testament of the said John Lake late of the parish of Skenfrith in the said County Farmer deceased, who died on the Eighteenth Day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty six and made Oath that the Estate and Effects of the said deceased, for and in respect of which, a probate of the said Will is to be granted, exclusive of what the said deceased may have been possessed of or entitled to as a Trustee for any other person or persons, and not beneficially, and without deducting any thing on account of the Debts due and owning from the said deceased, are under the Value of Six Hundred Pounds, and to the best of this Deponent?s knowledge, information and belief.  And he lastly made Oath that the said deceased did not die possessed of any Leasehold Estate or Estates for years, either absolute or determinable, on a life or lives to the best of this Deponent?s knowledge, information, and belief.
Sworn of the Twenty fourth day of }                                     John Jones (Signed)
April in the Year of our Lord            }
One thousand eight hundred and   }
fifty six before me,
I, Fawcell Beddy
Appeared Personally William Card of the Town of Monmouth in the County of Monmouth. 
And made Oath that he is one of the attesting and subscribing Witnesses to the last Will and Testament of John Lake of the Lade Farm in the Parish of Skenfrith in the Said County Farmer
Deceased bearing date the Seventeenth day of February One thousand eight hundred and fifty four and now hereunto annexed and the Deponont  also made Oath that the several intor lineations appearing on the said Will / to wit / the words ?and also all my ? intertlined between the ninth and tenth lines of the first Sheet, the work ?and? between the twenty second and twenty third lines of the same sheet, the words ?And? intertwined between the twenty fifth and twenth sixth lines of the same sheet, the word that in , etc, etc, etc.  (The printing here is almost atop itself but I can read it enough to know it just repeats more of the above), of the said will were severally so made, written and interlined further made Oath that on the said tested day said testator duly executed the said Will by  signing his name at the bottom of the first two sheets of the said Will and also at the foot or end thereof in the presence of this Deponent and of Henry Yates, both of whom were present at the same time and who respectively subscribed their names to the said Will.  Witnesses to the due execution thereof at the request and in the presence of the said Testator and of each other.
Sworn before Me,                             William Card
Fawceft (sp) Beddy
Iarrogali    (SP)   
                                                                                                            CC 1856
This is the last Will and Testament of me John Lake of the Lade Farm in the Parish of Skenfrith in the County of Monmouth Farmer.  I direct that all my just debts funeral and testamentary Expenses be duly paid and satisfied by my Executor as soon as conveniently may be after my decease.  I give devise and bequeath All that my Estate farm and lands with all and every the buildings eights members and appurtenances hereto belonging called the Lade farm situate in the Parish of Skenfrith and County of Monmouth aforesaid and now in my own occupation and also all those four several pieces of arable and meadow land with the site of an old Dwelling house and the barn stable buildings and premises with the appurtenances thereto belonging situate in the parish of Trelleck in the said County of Monmouth now in the occupation of Mary Reynolds and all my money and securities for Lot 26, money book and other debts live and dead farming stock growing crops with implements of husbandry and other agricultural Effects and my household good and furniture plate linen china and all other my personal Estate and Effects of every description whereof I shall be possessed at the time of my death unto my friend John Jones of the Barley Mow Inn in the Town of Monmouth Vichialler his heirs Executors or administrators according to the nature and quality thereof respectively upon the trusts and for the ends intents and purposes and with under and subject to the provises conditions and declarations hereinafter expressed concerning the same (that is to say)  In trust to pay to or otherwise permit and suffer my wife Flora Margaret and her assigns to receive and take the rents and profits of  said real estate and also have the free use benefit and enjoyment of all and singular my said personal estate (after payment-there out of my debts funeral and testamentary expenses as aforesaid) for and during her natural life provided she shall so long continue my widow but not otherwise for the maintenance and support of herself and the maintenance, support and education of my three children William Lake, Frederick Lake and Flora Margaret Lake and upon further trust , if my said wife shall be so desirous, to permit and suffer her my said wife in case she continues my widow but not otherwise to reside upon and occupy my said farm called the Lade and to carry on my farming business as now carried on by me and for that purpose to employ my live and dead farming stock in such manner as she may think fit for the benefit  of herself and  my said children and I hereby will and direct that in order to ascertain the value of the said live and dead farming stock crops implements good and Effects a perfect Inventory shall be taken and a valuation made thereof as soon as conveniently may be after my deceased by some competent person to be appointed by my said Executor and that two fair copies thereof shall be signed by my said wife and Executor as a foresaid for his and her own use and from and immediately after the decease of my said wife or in case of her second marriage then from and immediately after such her
Witnesses:  William Card
                        Henry Yates                             Signed by John Lake
Second marriage upon trust that he the said John Jones or his heirs executors or administrators do and shall with all convenient speed sell dispose of and convey all and singular my freehold estate lands and herediaments with their appointenances either together or in parcels of public auction or private contract as to him or them shall seem best unto any person or persons who shall be willing to become the purchaser or purchasers thereof or of and part thereof for the most money that can be reasonably gotten for the same and do and shall enter into make and execute all such contracts covenants agreements conveyances assurances into make and execute all such contracts  covenants agreement conveyances assurances acts deeds matters and things as shall be necessary or proper for effecting and perfecting the sale and transfer thereof and also do and shall make sale of and covert into money all such part and parts of my said personal Estate and Effects as shall consist of money  out upon security at Interest or otherwise and also collect and get in all Book and other debts then due and owing in such manner as he or they shall think most expedient and I do hereby declare that the receipt or receipts of him my said Trustee his heirs executors or administrators shall in all cases be a sufficient and effectual discharge and discharges for such sum as sums of money or security for money as shall therein respectively be expected or acknowledged to have been received or given and the person or persons paying any sum or sums of money or debt or debts his her and their heirs executors administrators or assigns shall not afterwards be obliged to see the application thereof or be in any manner answerable or accountable for the loss misapplication or non application of the same or any part thereof and it is my will and desire and I do hereby declare and direct that the said John Jones and his heirs executors and administrators shall ?and  be possessed of and hold the monies to arise or begotten in by the means aforesaid or otherwise under or by virtue of this my Will entrust to layout and invest the produce and proceeds of my said Estate and Effects (after payment of the expenses of and attending the execution and trusts of this my will) upon government or real security at interest in his or their name or names with full power for time to time to change and vary the said funds and securities for other securities of the like nature at his or their direction and then upon trust to  pay or assign and make over the said monies or securities and the interest dividends and proceeds thereof unto and equally between my said children William, Frederick, and Flora Margaret upon their respectively attaining the age of twenty one years and I direct that the same shall be considered a vested interest on their severally attaining that age, Provided always that if any of my said children shall depart this life under the age of twenty one years then it is my will and meaning and I do hereby direct that the part or share parts or shares of him her or their so dying shall go and be paid to the survivors or survivor of my said children in equal shares if more than one and
            William Card
            Henry Yates                                         Signed by John Lake