1 William LAKE
Birth:         17 Jun 1792, Trelleck, Monmouth, Wales
Death:        26 Dec 1877, Loretto , PA
Father:        Henry LAKE (1752-1828)
Mother:        Sarah LEWIS (1761-1826)
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Migrated to the United States from a small town in Monmouthshire, Wales called Trelleck,  about 1818 and settled at Loretto, Cambria County PA. Ran a line of stage wagons hauling goods from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh before there was any railroad between the two cities.  The 1830 census for Cambria twp. Cambria show Wm. Lake to be under 40 yrs old, living by himself with no slaves or help.
In the 1850 census Wm. and Ann are farming in Cambria with their children.
In the 1860 census William is living with four of his children in Loretto,  Cambria Co. PA. He is a widow.  William is a farmer with RealEstate and personal property each valued at $1000.  William can not read or write.
William is living with Mary Jane who is keeping house, John who is studying law and Ellie in the 1870 census.  They are in Loretto.
Spouse:        Anna McCLOSKEY
Birth:            1806
Death:         25 Jul 1859
Burial:         St. Michael Cemetery Loretto, Allegheny Township
Father:        Patrick McCLOSKEY
Mother:        Ann
Marr:          23 Aug 1831, St. Michael's Loretto, PA
William Lake's Obituary
William Lake's Petition for Naturalization
William Lake's Last Will and Testament
Children:      Elizabeth (1834-)
                      Ann Theresa (1836-1903)
                      Mary Jane (~1837-)
                       John G. (1840-1880)
                       Margaret Ellen (Ellie) (1844-)
1.1 Elizabeth LAKE
Birth:         1834, Cambria, PA
Spouse:     Thomas HOGUE
Birth:         1830, PA
Occ:           Listed as Laborer on 1880 census
Father:        Sebastian HOGUE (1793-1833)
Mother:        Magdalen RUTLER (-1844)
Marr:            19 Jan 1858, Cambria, PA
Children:      Clara Ann (1859-)
                       William H. (1861-)
                      Matthew Thomas (~1862-<1870)
                      Demitrius Gallitzin (1865-)
                     James Augustine (~1867-1870)
                     George Edward (1872-)
                     Charles (1873-)
                     Gilbert (1875-)
1.2 Ann Theresa LAKE
Birth:         1836
Died:       31 Dec 1903, Altoona,Blair Co.PA
Spouse:    John C. Brown
Birth:       1835 Pennsylvania
Death:      27 Jan 1920 Altoona, Blair Co. PA
1.3 Mary Jane LAKE
Birth:         abt 1837
She was 31 when found in the 1870 census for Loretto, Cambria Co. PA.
Mary J. is living with her sister Theresa and her husband John Brown in Altoona, Blair Co. for both the 1880 and 1900 census.
Year: 1900; Census Place: Altoona Ward 6, Blair, Pennsylvania; Roll: T623 1380; Page: 2B;
1.4 John G. LAKE
Birth:         20 Feb 1840, Loretto, PA
Death:       24 Aug 1880
Spouse:    Matilda LATERNER
Occ:           Lawyer-Sworn to the Bar in Blair Co.  Sept 20, 1873.
Birth:         1853, PA
Father:        Michael LATTENER (1812-1885)
Mother:        Catherine SHARBAUGH (1819-1882)
Her father and mother were born in Germany.  Matilda's occupation was housekeeper.
Marr:            16 Nov 1875, Ebensburg Holy Name Catholic Church
Children:      Ralph (1877-)
                      Loretta (1878-)
                      Albian (Alice) (1879-)
1.5 Margaret Ellen (Ellie) LAKE
Birth:         18 Aug 1844, Loretto , PA
Occ:           Seamstress working out of her home.
She was 23 when found in the 1870 Census for Lorreto, Cambria Co. PA.  On the 1920 census for Cambria Co. PA she was living with nephews George and Demetrius Hogue on St. Thomas Street.