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James and Elizabeth Meredith and Family
1827-1917       -                   1835-1909
James Meredith, pictured here, was the brother  of Elizabeth Lake, nee Meredith,  wife of William Lake.   In trying to   trace this family, I believe that James and his brother William both left   Llangattock Vibon Avel which is a town in the shire of Monmouth in   Wales. 
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Circa 1870
I don't believe James and   William came to America at the same time but eventually they both ended up in   Clinton Iowa probably to be near their sister Elizabeth Lake.  Both started their  families in Clinton, Iowa between 1857-1870.    James married Elizabeth Gray in 1857 and William married Eliza Roberts  in 1862.  Sometime after that both James and William and their  families moved to Pleasant Grove, Minnesota where they lived next door to   each other for several years.  James  continued to live in Pleasant Grove while William moved his family to   Olmsted, MN. 
Elizabeth, James and   William were children of James Meredith and Eleanor Powell from  Llangattock Vibon Avel in Monmouthshire.  They had 6 other   children that I know of, Eliza Ann b. 1822, Eleanor b. 1825, George, 1830,   Marianne b. 1832, Thomas 1835, and John 1838.   Through the internet I have been in contact with another one   in the family.  Marianne"s family   still reside in England  and is   connected to Pat Ridsdale who has help me greatly in obtaining birth certificates,   marriage information and wills.  She   has come to be a wonderful friend.
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