1 C. H. (Clayton B.) OLNEY
Birth:         14 Feb 1860, Thomson, Ill
Death:      10 Oct 1940, Clinton, Iowa
Occ:           North Western railway engineer
Father:       Levi Harris OLNEY (1823-1901)
Mother:     Eunice Camilla HOUSE (1826-)
Member of DeMolay consistory.  A.A.S.R.Masons, Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers; First Baptist Church.
Lived at 445 Eighth Ave, So. when he died.
In the 1900 & 1910 census the family is living on Olney Ave. in Clinton.  Eleanor has had 6 children with 5 surviving.  Clayton is an Engineer.  In 1920 the family is living on 8th Ave. between 4th &5th St.  Isabel and Esther are living with their parents and both are working as stenographers.  Clayton is working as a railroad engineer.  Retired by 1930 Clayton and Eleanor are still living on So. 8th Ave.  Also living in the household are their daughter Mae and husband George Boudman.  George is working as a plasterer.
Spouse:        Eleanor Elizabeth LAKE
Birth:             28 Nov 1860, Clinton, Iowa
Death:          27 Sep 1935, Clinton, Iowa
Burial:          1 Oct 1935, Springdale cemetery, Clinton Iowa
Father:        William LAKE Sr. (1826-1918)
Mother:        Elizabeth MEREDITH (1824-1897)
Member of Clinton chapter 65 OES and GIA to B of LE.
Marr:              12 Jun 1884, Clinton, Iowa
Children:      Alfred (Elford) L. (1887-1965)
Mae (1889-)
        Ralph H. (1891-)
                             Esther Pearl (1895-1939)
                             Isabel Mildred (1897-1979)
1.1 Alfred (Elford) L. OLNEY
Birth:            29 Jul 1887
Death:         25 Apr 1965
Found this couple living in Los Angeles on  South Normandy Ave in the 1930 census.  He was employed as a Real Estate Broker and she worked for the Public Health Dept.   In 1920 they were living in LA on W. 39th St.  He was a real estate salesman and she was a trained nurse working for the city Health Dept.
Spouse:        Lylia Beatrice CAMPBELL
Birth:            1892, Colorado
1.2 Mae OLNEY
Birth:         Aug 1889
Was living in Clinton, in 1918 & 1935.
Spouse:        George Peter BOUDMAN
Birth:             28 Mar 1885, JORDAN Township, Lyc. PA
Death:          24 Aug 1945
Marr:              6 Aug 1918, Davenport, Iowa
1.3 Ralph H. OLNEY
Birth:         May 1891
Salt Lake City, Utah in 1918.
Waterloo in 1935 per mother's obit.
In the 1910 census Ralph is living with his Aunt and Uncle Leander and Agnes Turner in Los Angeles.  He is working as a collector at a lumber yard.
I found R. H. Olney living in Salt Lake City, Utah in the 1920 census married to Vivian. Vivian is working as a stenographer and it looks like Ralph is a student.  In the 1930 census, it appears that Ralph is at a convention of salesmen at a hotel in Milwaukee and Vivian is living as a boarder in Chicago. 
Spouse:      Vivian G. SMITH
Birth:            Jun 1892, Whiteside, Illinois
Father:        William B. SMITH (1848-1918)
Mother:       Susanah SYKES (1852-1923)
Children:    Susana (1921-)
1.4 Esther Pearl OLNEY
Birth:         16 Jun 1895
Death:      15 May 1939, California
Was living in Clinton in 1918.
Was living in Los Angeles, 1935 per obit of mother.  Esther is living in Los Angeles, CA in the 1930 census as a boarder.  She is working as a stenographer in a department store.  Esther died in California but was buried in Sprindale Cemetery in Clinton, IA.
1.5 Isabel Mildred OLNEY
Birth:         16 Aug 1897, Clinton, Iowa
Death:       29 Jul 1979, Los Angeles, CA
Occ:           Secretary, retired 8/16/1961
Was living in Washington, DC in 1918.  Was living in Chicago in 1935 per mother's obit.