1 Levi Harris OLNEY
Birth:         27 May 1823, Hague, Warren, NY
Death:       26 Jan 1901, Clinton, Iowa
Occ:            Carpenter, Plasterer, Stone Mason
Father:        James H. OLNEY (~1781-)
Mother:        Hannah PHILLIPS (~1781-)
In the 1850 census, Levi, Eunice and their one year old son was living in Harlem, Carroll, Illinois.  Levi was a blacksmith.
In the 1860 census the family is living in York, Carroll, Illinois and the family has really grown. By 1867 the Olney's have moved to Clinton, Iowa. Levi now works as a Carpenter.
Spouse:        Eunice Camilla HOUSE
Birth:         1826, New York, USA
Father:      Josiah C. HOUSE (1797-)
Mother:      Eunice (1801-)
Marr:          1 Jun 1848, New York, USA
Children:      George W. (1850-1921)
                      Adelaide R. (1851-1931)
                      Herbert L. (1853-)
                     Agnes J. (1855-)
                    Charles (1857-1870)
                    Clara A. (1859-1953)
                    C. H. (Clayton B.) (1860-1940)
                    Raymond (1862-1928)
                    Denton V. (1864-1943)
                 Alice R. (Inez) (1867-1938)
                 Willis Delbert (1873-1948)
                  Effie Camilla (1875-1966)
1.1a George W. OLNEY*
Birth:         16 Jul 1850, New York, USA
Death:       17 Nov 1921
In the 1870 census, George is living at home with his parents and sibling in Clinton, Iowa.  By 1880 George had married Mattie.  They had no chilren and George was employed as a carpenter.  By 1900 George was married  to Helen who he had been married to for 13 years.  Working as a carpenter the family was living in Clinton.   In the 1910 census George's widowed aunt Nancy Perdy 86, from New York was living in the household.
The 1920 census finds George and son Rodney living in Crocker, Polk, Iowa.   Goerge is a widower and unemployed.  Rodney is working as a telegraph operator for the railroad.
Spouse:        Mattie
Birth:         1856, Ohio
Other Spouses: Helen SOPHER
1.1b George W. OLNEY* (See above)
Spouse:        Helen SOPHER
Birth:         1857, New York
Death:      27 Aug 1918
Burial:      Springdale Cemetery, Clinton, Iowa
Marr:         1887, Iowa
Children:      Rodney (1890-1968)
Other Spouses Mattie
1.2 Adelaide R. OLNEY
Birth:         10 Dec 1851, Illinois
Death:         25 Apr 1931, Hennepin, MN
In the 1930 census Adelaide is living with her daughter Edna in St. Cloud, MN.
Spouse:        Oliver Perry ANKENY
Birth:         May 1850, Illinois
In the 1900 census the family is living in Clinton.  Oliver is working for the railroad.  Their surname is spelled Amkeny.
In 1910 Oliver is working as a miner.  Their daughter is living with her husband in the household.  In the 1930 census, I believe I've found Oliver living in Elko Nevada. He is unemployed.
Marr:          2 Feb 1872
Children:      Edna May (1875-1964)
1.3 Herbert L. OLNEY
Birth:         12 Mar 1853, Illinois
1.4 Agnes J. OLNEY
Birth:         7 Apr 1855, Illinois
By 1920 Agnes is living in Sacramento with daughter Leola and her family.  She is a widow.
Spouse:        Leander TURNER
Birth:         1851, Iowa
Death:         bef 1920
Living in Los Angeles on Champlain St. in the 1910 census with their three daughters.  Also in the household was their nephew Ralph Olney.
Children:      May I (1887-)
               Clara P. (1897-)
               Leola M. (1888-)
1.5 Charles OLNEY
Birth:         4 Feb 1857, Carroll, IL
Death:         bef 1870
1.6 Clara A. OLNEY
Birth:         29 Dec 1859, Clinton, Iowa
Death:         16 Feb 1953
In the 1900 census Clara is living at home with her parents and sister Camilla.
She is single and unemployed.
Living in Minneapolis in 1940 per CH Olney's obit.
1.7 C. H. (Clayton B.) OLNEY
Birth:         14 Feb 1860, Thomson, Ill
Death:         10 Oct 1940, Clinton, Iowa
Occ:           North Western railway engineer
Spouse:        Eleanor Elizabeth LAKE
Birth:         28 Nov 1860, Clinton, Iowa
Death:         27 Sep 1935, Clinton, Iowa
Burial:        1 Oct 1935, Springdale cemetery, Clinton Iowa
Father:        William LAKE Sr. (1826-1918)
Mother:        Elizabeth MEREDITH (1824-1897)
Member of Clinton chapter 65 OES and GIA to B of LE.
Marr:          12 Jun 1884, Clinton, Iowa
Children:      Alfred (Elford) L. (1887-1965)
               Mae (1889-)
               Ralph H. (1891-)
               Esther Pearl (1895-1939)
               Isabel Mildred (1897-1979)
1.8 Raymond OLNEY
Birth:         6 Feb 1862, Illinois
Death:         7 Jun 1928
In the 1900 census the family was living on Fifth Ave. in Clinton, Iowa.
Spouse:        Anna Elizabeth MOUNTS (MOUNCE)
Birth:         Apr 1862, Iowa
Marr:          abt 1889
Children:      Clifford (1890-)
               De Witt M (1891-)
               Harold M (1893-1975)
1.9 Denton V. OLNEY
Birth:         6 Aug 1864, Illinois
Death:         13 Jun 1943
Sang in Choir.  In the 1900 census Denton is married to Della and living in Clinton, Iowa.  He is working as a dairyman.  In the 1930 census Denton is the proprietor of a confectionary store and living in Chicago, Cook Co. Illinois.
Spouse:        Della
Birth:         Feb 1867, Iowa
Marr:          1897, Iowa
1.10 Alice R. (Inez) OLNEY
Birth:         30 Mar 1867, Clinton, Iowa
Death:         22 Jul 1938
Spouse:        Willis Elvard HEMINGWAY
Birth:         Feb 1858, Connecticut
The family was living in Clinton in 1900.  In 1910  census Wm. was the secretary and treasurer of a local furniture store.   Willis is not in the household but the rest of the children are at home.  Also living with the family is Alice's sister Clara Olney.  In 1920 the family consisted of Wm, Allie, Ada and sister Clara.  Wm. has retired. 
Marr:          1 Jul 1887, Clinton, Iowa
Children:      Edith I. (1888-)
               Alice Leon (1892-)
               Willis E. Jr. (1894-)
               Ada A. (1903-)
1.11 Willis Delbert OLNEY
Birth:         14 Apr 1873, Clinton, Iowa
Death:         26 Oct 1948
Was living in Clinton, Iowa in 1940 per CH Olney obit.  The 1910 census show Lillian and Willis living as boarders in Clinton Iowa on 6th Ave..  They have no children.  Willis is workings as an Engineer on the Railroad.  Lillian is working as a dressmaker in a shop.  In 1930 the couple is living as roomers in Clinton.  Lillian is no longer working and Willis is the proprietor of a confectionary store.
Spouse:        Lillian Mae DICKINSON
Birth:         9 Sep 1874, Evanson, Cook, Il
Death:         16 Jul 1932
Burial:        Springdale Cemetery, Clinton, Iowa
Father:        Chauncey R. DICKINSON (1845-1912)
Mother:        Hattie A. STONE (1849-)
Marr:          21 Sep 1898, Clinton, Iowa
Children:      Maude Mae (1896-)
1.12 Effie Camilla OLNEY
Birth:         11 Sep 1875, Clinton, Iowa
Death:         16 Apr 1966
In the 1900 census Camilla is living at home with her parents in Clinton.
Spouse:        William C. BRYANT
Birth:         1876, New York
In the 1910 census for Clinton Iowa Wm and Camilla have been married for 4 years and have no children.  Wm is working doing retail sales in a dry good store and Camilla is a musician.  In the 1930 census the couple is living in LaPorte, Indiana.  Wm. is working as a merchant in a department store.  They have no children. 
Marr:          1906, Iowa