Views From Harbor Island In San Diego
This Saturday afternoon being Oct. 28th, my husband and I decided to take a little drive to Harbor Island in San Diego. We took along the camera and took off on a walk.  First we went south and here are some of the views.
North Island Navy Base
Looking towards Downtown from Harbor Island.
It was a little hazy but the sun was still bright. The temperature was in the mid 70's.  Perfect!!
We passed the Marina at the south end and took a couple of pictures here.
We then walked over to the Rueben E. Lee Restaurant which is an old paddleboat.  It sits in the water and rocks with any craft that comes too close and stirs up the water.
We watched an old sailing ship come into view.
If you look hard you can see the cruise ship in port. Cruise ships are a new important part of downtown San Diego's survival.  Lots of $$$ get off the ships.
Below you can see our Coronado Bridge that was once a toll bridge and believe it or not they actually removed the toll when the bridge was paid for.  The bridge took the place of the car-ferry that used to go across the bay.

Right in front of the bridge is the USS Midway, a floating museum.
As we headed back to our car, we passed people riding their bikes and skating; watching the water, walking their babies, and fishing from the rocks.  Just a typical day in San Diego and we pretty much have the waterfronts to ourselves when school starts and the majority of the tourist go home.  The weather is usually at it's best now.
As we got into the car, I convinced my husband that if we are going to take pictures of the south end of the island, we should also take pictures of the north end.  So we cheated and drove to the other end.
The sun is starting to sink and we decided to stop and pick up dinner on the way home.  Mexican food.  Quick and easy, but first pictures of the north side of the Island.

Well as I said on my home page, I am not a webpage guru and now I've run into a problem adding more pictures.  So I'll have to add the last two later or figure out why I can't.  Maybe I've exceed the page size allowed? 
Harbor Island is right across the road from the San Diego airport.  I've only shown you a small part of the water sights that surround the island.  Additional there are lots of restaurants and hotels on the island.
Now, today I've been able to add the last two pictures.   Mysteries of the internet.