Email from Calvin Wright and his cousin Susan
If anyone can add to this story to further our research, we would love to hear from you.
It is wonderful that pictures and family stories like these have been preserved.  Thank you Susan and Calvin for sharing.
From Calvin;
I can't remember if I ever told you, but my cousin/researcher Susan Koranchan has an old letter stating that Hannah Vardon and/or Dorothea Dixon (or Dickson) were Maids of Honor or Ladies-in-Waiting. No other details about this were given in the letter.
I'm not sure how Hannah [if that's here real first name] fits in to the family.  And, I'm not sure who Dorothea Dixon was, but Cindy Whitis gave me a copy of an old family document [I believe it is a will or probate] from Victorian England with the name Dickson on it.
This Ladies-in-Waiting legend also comes from another family source.   My cousin/researcher, Marian Cook from Seattle, [she is a descendant of William Henry Wright] says that her mother has always claimed that one of the Victorian era family members was a Lady-in-Waiting, although she did not know the name of the person.
Anyway, I have never been able to establish this Lady-in-Waiting legend.  And, they may have been Ladies-in-Waiting to some other royalty in Victoria's court.  The old Winter Wright family photo album, now in the possession of Susan Koranchan, has two photos of Queen Victoria, one photo of Princess Louise and a photo of Eugenia, wife of Napoleon the 3rd.
A little trivia: Napoleon III was ran out of France and was welcomed in England by Queen Victoria.  Napoleon and Eugenia's son, the Prince Imperial, was given British military training and commissioned as an officer.  He was killed by Zulus in South Africa.
I have attached a copy of the Princess Louise photo and the two of Queen Victoria from Susan's collection. I'm sorry, I did not get a good copy of the photo of Eugenia.
Keep in touch,
Calvin Wright
From Susan:
Sorry for not getting back to you earlier.  Please feel free to use any of the information that I have sent to Calvin in any wayyou would like. I'm just glad that we have the information to share, maybe we will find some other relatives.