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1 Harry William HITCHCOCK
Photos from Susan and Calvin's collection
Birth:         1781, Middlesex, England
Death:         1875
Occ:           Stock broker
In the 1841 census, Harry and his family were living in Islington St. Mary.  He was a stock broker.  Frederic is a barrister and Alfred is employed at the stock exchange.  In the 1851 census, Harry Wm., is living with his son Charles.  By 1861 Harry who is now 80 years old is living in Paddinton,  Christchurch with his son Alfred.  In 1871, William is living with son's Frederick, Alfred and Thomas in Paddington along with several servants.  Frederick and Alfred are not married.
Spouse:        Ann WRIGHT
Birth:         1786, Middlesex, England
Death:         bef 1851
Father:        William Winter WRIGHT (1752-1783)
Mother:        Mary CROOK
Children:      Charles (1812-)
               Alfred (1819-)
               Frederic (1821-)
               Mary Ann (1826-)
               Thomas (1810-)
1.1 Charles HITCHCOCK
Birth:         1812, Hexton, Middlesex, England
In the 1841 census, Charles and his wife Caroline are living in Hornsey St. Mary.  Charles' father Harry William is living with them.  Harry is a widow.  Charles works at the Stock Exchange.  They have several servants in the house; a cook, lady's maid, housemaid and footman.  In 1851 Charles's father continues to live with them.
In the 1861 census, Charles and Caroline are living in Tottenham Lane in Hornsey.  Occupation is that of fund holder.
Spouse:        Caroline
Birth:         1815, London, England
Children:      Charles Hy (1839-)
               Harry Wm (1842-)
               Ellen (1845-)
               Ada (1846-)
See Alfred's Photo from Susan and Calvins collection.
1.2 Alfred HITCHCOCK
Birth:         1819, Hackney, Middlesex, England
Living with his father in Paddington in 1861.  His occupation is that of fund holder.
1.3 Frederic HITCHCOCK
Birth:         1821
Occ:           Barrister
1.4 Mary Ann HITCHCOCK
Birth:         1826
Spouse:        Sidney VARDON
Birth:         1819, Lambeth, Surrey, England
Marr:          Jun 1846, Islington, Middlesex, England
Children:      Sidney (1848-)
               Mary Alice (1850-)
               Harry W. (1855-)
               Percy J. (1857-)
1.5 Thomas HITCHCOCK
Birth:         1810, Middlesex, England
Occ:           Physician
In the 1861 census in Week, Hampshire, Thomas and Mary have a couple of young visitors,  Agnes Maria Hitchcock, 9 ,Ann Augusta Hitchcock 9, and Gertrude Savenia 11.  Thomas is employed as a physician to the county hospital. They are living in Week, Hampshire.
Living with his father in Paddington in the 1871 census.  Thomas states that he is married and a physician.  In the 1881 census, Thomas is employed as a physician M. R. C. P. L.  In his home is his two daughters, Mary who is unmarried and Ann who has married Fredrick Howard.  They have two children.  They are living in the Week House in Hampshire.  They employ several servants.
Spouse:        Mary BURNETT
Birth:         1815, Wincester, Hampshire, England
Marr:          Sep 1833, Weeke Near Winchester, Hampshire
Children:      Thomas Burnett (1845-)
               Ann (1850-)
               Mary (1851-)