1 James Bishop WRIGHT
Birth:         1836, England
Death:         bef 1910
Father:        James Charles WRIGHT (1807-1875)
Mother:        Elizabeth HOLMES (~1810-~1885)
In the 1870 census, James and Margaret are livng in Hustonville, Lincoln, KY.  They are living next door to James parents.  Margaret states that she was born in Virginia.  In the 1880 census, James, Margaret, John, William and Hawkins are living in Madison, Johnson Co. Missouri.   A Cornelia Williams, school teacher is also living with them and born in VA.  Possibly Margaret's sister.
Spouse:        Margaret WILLIAMS
Birth:         1835, Virginia
Mother:        Thirza (1818-)
In the 1910 census, Margaret is a widow and living with her son William in Arkansas.
Marr:          abt 1864
Children:      John C. (1864-)
               William N. (1868-)
               Hawkins (1869-1946)
1.1 John C. WRIGHT
Birth:         Dec 1864, Kentucky
In the 1900 census, John is living in Kansas City, Jackson Co. Missouri.  He is employed by an express company.  In 1910, they were living in Kansas Ward, Jackson, Missouri.  John is employed as an agent with the railroad.  Pearl states that she has given birth to no children.   The 1920 census show this couple living in Madison, Johnson Co. Missoui.  John is employed as a bookkeeper.   In 1930 Pearl is living in Holden, Johnson, Missouri.  She is a widow and has two roomers  living with her.
Spouse:        Pearl Henrietta
Birth:         Jul 1873, Missouri
Marr:          abt 1895
1.2a William N. WRIGHT*
Birth:         1868, Kentucky
In the 1900 census, William is a widower living in Osage, Benton, Arkansas.  His mother is living with him and she also is a widow.  His grandmother Thirza is also living with them as is a boarder name Alexander Smith. 69 from Tennessee.  Interesting to  note that this is Williams second wife's maiden name.  I wonder if this might be her grandfather?
In the 1910 census, William and Josie are living in Bentonville, Benton, Arkansas.  William is employed as a stone cutter, mason.  He states that this is his second marriage.  It is a first marriage for Josie.  She also says that she has had four children.   Living in the household are children from William's first marriage, his widowed mother Margaret and Josie's father William D. Smith
Spouse:        Josie
Birth:         1880, Missouri
Father:        William D. SMITH
Children:      Max (1906-)
               Grace (1907-)
               Esther (1908-)
               William (1909-)
Other Spouses unknown
1.2b William N. WRIGHT* (See above)
Spouse:        unknown
Children:      Walter (1890-)
               Frank (1892-)
               Ethel (1893-)
               Madge (1896-)
               Alex (1896-)
Other Spouses Josie
1.3 Hawkins WRIGHT
Birth:         Dec 1869, Kentucky
Death:         23 Mar 1946, Los Angeles, CA
Living with his wife in Osage, Benton, Arkansas in 1900.  Hawkins was employed as butcher.  By 1910 they had moved to Los Angeles, CA.  and had 3 children.  Working with the teamsters at an oil company.  In the 1930 census, Hawkins is not in the household.  Sophia is a matron at a school.  Pansey is living or visiting her mother.  She is employed as a missionary.  Harold is a sales clerk in a furniture store.  They are in Belvedere, Los Angeles, CA. in the house they own worth $5000.
Spouse:        Sophia M.
Birth:         Jul 1874, Kansas
Death:         8 Mar 1962, Orange Co. California
Her parents were born in PA.
Marr:          1900
Children:      Violetta S. (1902-)
               Raymond E. (1903-)
               Pansey O. (1906-)
               Harold (1918-)
               Robert (1915-)