Birth:         10 Oct 1808, London, England
Death:         1862 or 1869, England orGeorgetown Demerara South Africa
Father:        William PONTIFEX (1766-1851)
Mother:        Mary BAILEY (1767-1837)
Spouse:        Rebecca ANDREWS
Birth:         6 Apr 1810, England
Death:         24 Jan 1858, England
In the 1851 census for Bury St. Edmunds St. Mary, Suffolk, Rebecca is married but her husband in not in the household for the census.  Livng with her are two of her children Thulia and Sydney.
Marr:          18 Mar 1837, England
Children:      George William (1841-)
               Thulia (1841-)
               Sydney Rupert (1843-1910)
1.1 George William PONTIFEX
Birth:         9 Oct 1841, Georgetown, Demerara, South America
Death:         Georgetown, Demerara, South America
Sailed for Port Maria, Jamaica in the Lady Sherbrooke of 350 tons in July 1826 and returned home in the same ship arriving home in Kentish Town on Dec 25, 1826 presumable to attend to his dead brother Alfred's affairs.  On 1 Apr. 1829 sailed for Demerara to be under a sugar planter there.  Settled premanetly as a sugar planter and agent for the Shoe Lane firm.  Georgetown, Demerara is just south of Venezuela. and north of Brazil on the eastern side of South America
1.2a Thulia PONTIFEX*
Birth:         16 Oct 1841, Georgetown, Demerara, South America
Spouse:        David VYFHIUS
Marr:          10 Oct 1858
Other Spouses F. Yssell DE SCHEFFER
1.2b Thulia PONTIFEX* (See above)
Spouse:        F. Yssell DE SCHEFFER
Marr:          14 Oct 1877
Other Spouses David VYFHIUS
1.3 Sydney Rupert PONTIFEX
Birth:         14 Mar 1843, Georgetown, Demerara, South America
Death:         14 May 1910, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Engliand
Occ:           Analytical Chemist
Returned to England shortly before his death.  Lived with his family at Clifton.
Spouse:        Elizabeth Ann OVERTON
Birth:         1846, Dorking, Surrey England
Death:         1927, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Engliand
Marr:          Mar 1869, England
Children:      Gertrude (1869-)
               Sydney Claud (1871-1935)
               Beatrice (1872-)
               Ella Martie (1873-)
               Edna (1875-1928)
               Percy Fredrick (1875-1904)
               Louise Annie (1877-)
               Cyril Rupert (1879-)
               Arthur Lionel Samuel (1883-1930)