1 Henry Daniel PONTIFEX
Birth:         7 Sep 1800, London, England
Death:         7 Jan 1896, Islington, London, England
Occ:           Coppersmith
Father:        Daniel Henry PONTIFEX (1768-1826)
Mother:        Harriet BLAND (1774-1868)
In the 1851 census, Henry and Sarah are living in Islington, Middlesex.  Henry's occupation is that of Coppersmith and Engineer.  His son Henry S. is listed as Brewer and Charles is a coppersmith and Engineer.  They are living at 4 Alymn Road.
Found Henry and Sarah in the 1861 census.  Harriet, their daughter is living with them in their home in Middlesex along with a servant Mary Ann Clark.
In the 1881 census, Henry Daniel is a widower. He is living with two servants in the house.  One of the servants, Jane Kidgell becomes his wife in 1884.
Spouse:        Sarah SALTMARSH
Birth:         1801, Bishopsgate, London, Middlesex, England
Death:         1864, Newinton, Kent, England
Father:        Robert SALTMARSH
Marr:          25 Dec 1827, Newington, London, England
Children:      Henry Saltmarsh (1828-1897)
               Charles Herbert (1831-1906)
               Frederick (1837-)
               Harriet (1843-)
Other Spouses Jane KIDGELL
1.1 Henry Saltmarsh PONTIFEX
Birth:         28 Oct 1828, London, England
Death:         1897, New York, USA
Occ:           Brewer
Spouse:        Susan
Birth:         1834, London City, London, England
Death:         1911, New York, USA
Marr:          1853, Hackney, London, England
Children:      Clara Susana (1854-)
               Kate (1858-)
               Anne (1859-)
               Henry Saltmarsh (1869-1934)
               Ruth (1872-)
               Lois (1861-)
               Fanny (1856-)
1.2a Charles Herbert PONTIFEX*
Birth:         30 Mar 1831
Death:         6 Oct 1906, Dartmouth, England
Occ:           Coppersmith
Of London and Kingscross.
Spouse:        Lucy BOARDMAN
Birth:         1836, St. Helens, Lancastershire, England
Death:         1906, Hackney, London, England
Father:  James Boudman (1804~ )
Mother:  Eliza
Marr:          1858, Prescott, Cheltenham, England
Children:      Lucy (1859-1888)
               William (1861-1898)
               Ada (1866-1914)
               Eva (1868-)
               Kate (1869-)
               Maud (1877-)
               Frank (1881-)
Other Spouses HAYWARD
1.2b Charles Herbert PONTIFEX* (See above)
Spouse:        HAYWARD
Other Spouses Lucy BOARDMAN
1.3 Frederick PONTIFEX
Birth:         25 Aug 1837, St. Andrews; Holborn, Middleses, England
Occ:           Poet
In the 1861 census, Frederick and Elizabeth are living in Islington, Middlesex.  Frederick is employed as a clerk to an Engineer.
Spouse:        Elizabeth Victoria BASIRE
Birth:         1838, Chigwell, Essex, England
Father:        James BASIRE (~1796-~1869)
Mother:        Emma PASSINGHAM (1802-)
Children:      Frederick E. (1860-)
               Henry J. (1861-)
1.4 Harriet PONTIFEX
Birth:         1843, Clackenwell
Spouse:        UNNAMED
1.5 Sarah PONTIFEX
1.6 William PONTIFEX
1.7 Robert PONTIFEX
1.8 Elizabeth PONTIFEX