Birth:         12 Mar 1815
Death:         Mar 1904
Father:        Daniel Henry PONTIFEX (1768-1826)
Mother:        Harriet BLAND (1774-1868)
In the 1841 census of Skenfrith, Josiah is a wheelwright. 
In the 1851 census, Josiah is a carpenter employing two men.  Found in the 1851 and 1861 census as Price. Was a wagon maker and had a shop at the Graig in the Parish of Skenfrith in 1861.  They were living at the Three Salmon Inn.
In the 1871 census Josiah and Anne are living in Skenfrith.  Living with them is their
 grandson James Martin, 14. 
By 1901, Anne has died and Josiah has James and Laura Martin, two of his grandchildren living with him.
In the 1901 census, Josiah 86, a widow was living in Skenfrith with his son George.  Also in the household was his grandson James Martin and granddaughter Laura Martin.
Spouse:        Anne EDMONDS
Birth:         18 Dec 1814, Trellech, Monmouth, Wales
Death:         5 Nov 1899
Father:        Samuel EDMUNDS
Mother:        Mary
Marr:          1838
Children:      Alfred (1840-)
               John (1841-)
               Mary Ann (1843-1887)
               George (1846-)
               Charles (1849-)
               Harriett (1852-)
               James (1853-)
               Eleanor (1856-)
1.1 Alfred PONTIFEX
Birth:         1840, Trelleck Grange, Monmouthshire, Wales
Occ:           Inn Keeper
Alfred and his brother John migrated to Adelaide, Australia sailing of the ship Art Union in 1864. 
Spouse:        Mary Ann
Birth:         1834, Trellech, Monmouth, Wales
Children:      Frederick (1874-)
               Kate (1876-)
Birth:         1841, Skenfrith, Monmouthshire, Wales
1.3 Mary Ann PONTIFEX
Birth:         26 May 1843, Skenfrith, Monmouthshire, Wales
Death:         23 Jul 1887
Spouse:        Thomas MARTIN
Birth:         24 Oct 1836, Barton, Gloucestershire, England
Death:         1907
Father:        George MARTIN (1811-)
Mother:        Dinah (1811-)
Marr:          22 Apr 1865, Llantilio
In the 1861 census, Thomas is living with his brother Charles, 24.  They are both labourers.  By the time of the 1881 census, Thomas is the farmer of 26 acres.  And in 1891, Thomas is a widower and living at the Graig Llantillo.  He is a farmer and a haycutter.  All of the children except James are living in the household as he is living with his grandparents Josiah and Anne.  In 1901, Thomas still has some of his children living at hom.  Harriet is keeping house while Alban and Josiah T. are helping on the farm.  Laura and James are not living with their grandfather Josiah.
Children:      George (1869-)
               Annie (1870-)
               Alban (1875-)
               James (1878-)
               Thomas Josiah (1880-)
               Harriett D. (1882-)
               Laura (1885-)
1.4 George PONTIFEX
Birth:         1846, Skenfrith, Monmouthshire, Wales
1.5 Charles PONTIFEX
Birth:         1849, Llangattock Viben Avel, Monmouthshire
In the 1871 census Charles is a lodger with the Everson family in Llangattock.  He is a tin worker.  By 1881 is his married to Ann and has 4 children.  His occupation is that of a tin plate washman.
Spouse:        Ann L.
Birth:         1854, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Children:      William (1873-)
               Emily J. (1875-)
               Arthur R. (1877-)
               Edgar O. (1879-)
1.6 Harriett PONTIFEX
Birth:         1852
1.7 James PONTIFEX
Birth:         1853, Skenfrith, Monmouthshire, Wales
James took the path of his older brothers and migrated to Adelaide, Australia on the ship "Lochee" in 1877.
1.8 Eleanor PONTIFEX
Birth:         1856