Pontifex In The News
1798 - An Ad
To be Let or sold, a small new, neat, well finished house, consisting of 11 rooms, pantries, cellars, coach-house, 3 stall stable and other conveniences, pleasure-ground, garden, and yard, with 2 acres of meadow land adjoining, delightfully situated between Grove House Park and Tooting, and Barlow, Esq's, on the Epson Road, about 6 miles from Blackfriars Bridge.  Enquire of Mr. Pontifex, Coppersmith, Shoe-lane.
1801 - Dec. - A trial
Samuel Carr, otherwise Kerr, was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 10th of November, five ounces and a half of silver, value 28s. the property of Daniel Pontifex.
Found Guilty ? transported for seven years.
1803- An Ad
To Brewers, Distillers, & c. ? To be sold, two second-hand coppers, one of 60 barrels, and one of 90 with domes, besides a variety of smaller fixes.  Apply to Wm. Pontifex, Goldwin, and Co. Manufacturers, No 46 and 45, Shoe-lane or No. 98, Hound?itch.
1809  Sept.  A trial
John Smith was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 10th of August, 24 lb. Weight of metal, value 18s. the property of William Pontifex. 
Found Guilty.  Confined one month in Newgate, and whipped in Gaol.
1810  Feb  A trial
Martin Costello was indicted for feloniously stealing, on the 19th of January, eighteen piund weight of copper, value 1l. 4s. the property of William Pontifex and Russell Pontifex.
Found Guilty  Transported for seven years.
1810  Dec. A trial
Joseph Gater was indicted for feloniously stealing on the 5th of November, twenty copper rivets, value 30 s. the property of William Pontifex.  Edmund Pontifex.  I am son to William Pontifex, he is a coppersmith in Shoe-lane.  The prisoner was journeyman to my father.
Found Guilty Transported for Seven years.
1813- July 6, The Times - Partnerships being resolved
W. E. and R. Pontifex, Shoe-Lane,  Coppersmiths.
On Wednesday evening, Mr. Dawson, foreman to Messrs, Pontifex and Co. coppersmiths, in Shoe-Lane by some accident fell into the vat of hot melted metal from whence he was taken out immediately, but was so dreadfully burnt as to be carried to St. Bartholomews Hospital where he lingered till yesterday morning, and expired in excruciating torture.
1816  The Times
My. Pontifex, of Shoe-lane, the brother-in-law of Mr. Franklin, was there on a visit, and his chamber-door was broke open in a similar manner to that of Mr. W.  Franklin?s, and two men armed and disguised entered his chamber: they made use of horrid threats of blowing his brains out, if he made any noise or resistance.  They then covered him over between the bed and the bedclothes, till he was nearly suffocated, and then robbed his pockets of bank notes to the amount of 91.
Mr. Franklin and Mr. Pontifex attended yesterday the examination of the prisoners.  Mr. Franklin produced a shirt covered with the blood of the robber who was shot while engaged in a struggle with him.  He was asked as to his knowledge of the prisoners, to which he replied, he had no hesitation in saying the prisoner Thomas Thorpe was one of the robbers who entered his chamber, he knew his voice well, and had known him for years, his father siding but a short distance form his house in the parish of Iver.
1817  July 16, The Times - Bankruptcies
Mr. Pontifex & Dyers- Buildings, Holborn
1820  Jun 10, - The Times - Marriages
On Thursday last, at Godalming, Surrey, by the Rev. Robert Ekins, Wm. Pontifex, Esq., to Ann, eldest daughter of Robt. Marshall,Esq.
At the same time and place, Edmund Pontifex, Esq., to Sarah, second daughter of Robt. Marshall, Esq.
1821 - November 21-Classified Ad
To Brewers and Maltsters.  To be Sold or Let, a compact Brewery, with Malthouse, and every convenience for carrying on the business of a Brewer and Maltster situate in a principal market town in Kent.  Apply to Mr. John Pontifex, coppersmitha and backmaker, 55 Shoe-lane, Holborn.
1824 March 9, The Times, Auction
John-street, King's road, near Bedford row.  Lease, furniture, and valuable effects.  By Herring and Son, on the premises,  16 John?s street, King?s road, on Thursday, March 16, at 12 by direction of William Pontifex, Esq. Removed to Kentish-town, the articles not suiting his new residence, The Lease of his commodious Family House, together with the surplus furniture and effects, comprising a capital  and extensive set of mahogany patent dining ?tables, and Trafalgar side board, en suite, 3 sets of scarlet curtains with fashionable drapery, 9? Sets of chintz curtains, large Turkey and Brussels carpets, e elegant modern cut-glass center lustres, pier glass and mirror, a patent hand organ by Longman, with drum and triangle stops, a 6-octave horizontal grand pianoforte, by Broadwood, rosewood, card, and loo-tables, ditto chairs and settees, set of mahogany chairs, secretaire and bookcase, spacious map of London by Harwood, ditto of Liverpool, pair of globes by Carey, an excellent musical clock by Pitt, handsome plated tea urn, and other plated articles, a double-barreled bun, 2 brass-mounted cannon, a few prints, coloured drawings, views in India, sketches by Morland, and several other items.  To be viewed on Wednesday the 15 inst.; catalogues then on the premises and of Herring and Son.
1824  May 24th  The Times Marriages
On the 20 inst., at St. Pancreas New Church, Captain Richard Somersall, to Emma, youngest daughter of William Pontifex, Esq., Kentish-town.
1825  Aug 13, The Times- Marriages
On the 3d inst., at Godalming, John Pontifex, Esq., to Mary third daughter of Robert Marshall, Esq.
1836- Jul 06, - The Times- Police
Guildhall- Yesterday, William Turner, a clerk to Messrs. Pontifex of Shoe-lane, coppersmiths, was brought before Mr. Alderman Harmer, charged with embezzling sums he had been entrusted with to pay the workmen employed by the firm.  Mr. Humphreys attended on behalf of the prisoner.
Mr. William Pontifex stated the nature of the case.  It was the duty of the prisoner to pay the men every Saturday.  A time-book shewing (showing) what each man was entitled to, prepared by another person, was put into his hands, and then he received form Mr. Wood, on of the firm, a sum more than sufficient to pay the men.  The charge now alleged against him was that he had entered a sum of 1l, as being paid on the 18th  to a man named Rirdon, which was not so paid. 
1900  May 28,  The Times ? Births
Pontifex- On the 26th inst at Artillery-mansions, Victoria Street 8. w., the wife of Arthur Rupert Pontifex, of a son.
1910  Sept. 15 The  Times- Obituaries
Mr. Marshall Pontifex, one of the oldest practicing solicitors in the City of London, died on Tuesday at his house at Beulah-hill, in his 76t year. 
Mr. Pontifex was admitted a solicitor in 1856.  He was the head of the firm of Messrs. Pontifex, Hewitt, and Pitt, solicitors, St. Andrew's-street, Holborn-circus.  He took a leading part in municipal life in the City, being Ward Clerk of Farringdon Ward without for more than 40 years.  In this office he succeeded his father, who also held it for 40 years.  He was Vestry Clerk of St. Andrew?s, Holborn, and from 1870 until recently was Clerk to the Armourers and Brasiers? Company.  He also served as Under-Sheriff of London and Middlesex, and was one of his Majesty's Lieutenants for the City of London.  Mr. Pontifex was a widower.
The funeral will take place tomorrow at Elmer's-end Cemetery, Beckenham.