The John James Rowles and Louisa Pontifex Family
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About a year ago, I met online, a "cousin", Andy.  He and I share grandparents 5 generations back.  In Grandpa Lake's letter it is mentioned that his Aunt Louise (nee Pontifex)  married a man named James Rowles, a ship carpenter.  Aunt Louise is the sister to my many great grandmother, Flora Margaret (nee Pontifex) Lake.
Andy has graciously shared with me and you, these photos and documents related to his family.  Andy quickly became a great cheerleader  in launching my website and has cheered me up when it didn't seem to go just right.  He has also shared photos taken near his home in
John James Rowles born about 1802 in St. George Somerset England was a ships carpenter who fell in love and married Miss Louisa Pontifex.  We do not know for sure who John's parents were but Louisa was the daughter of Daniel Henry Pontifex and Harriet Bland.  Lousia was born in London in 1798.  John and Louisa were married at St. James, Bristol England on 2 Oct 1825.

Louisa's father was a silversmith with a factory and shop on Shoe Lane in London.  Louisa and John had five children:  Louisa b. 1827, Julia b. 1829, Emma b. 1832, Harriet b. 1837, Edwin James b. 1841.

John James Rowles died in 1888 in Barton Regis, Gloucestershire and Louisa in 1875 in Clifton, Bristol.
death certificate of John James Rowles
John James Rowles death certificate.  Click to enlarge.
****************Lousia Rowles and John Rogers*********************
Louisa, the eldest daughter of John James Rowle, Louisa married John Rogers in Bristol in 1855. Below is their marriage certificate.
Marriage Certificate Louisa Rowles and John Rogers
Another of John James and Louisa's daughter, Emma, married John Price b. 1829 in Bristol.  John Price was a joiner by trade.  They married in 1854.  Below is their marriage certificate.  Click on it to enlarge.
**********************Emma Rowles and John Price***************************

Marriage of Emma Rowles and John Price
Emma and John married in 1854.
*********Herbert John Price and Ellen Elizabeth Butland*************
Marriage of Herbert John Price and Ellen Elizabeth Butland
Marriage certificate for Herbert Price  and Ellen E. Butland
Herbert John Price, b. 1870 to John and Emma Price married Ellen Elizabeth Butland pictured here  in her fashionable hat.
Ellen Elizabeth Butland
Herbert and Ellen Price
The picture on the left is of Herbert and Ellen Price and two of their children. 

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Herbert Price and Ellen E. Butland were married in 1892 in  St. Philip & Jacob Parish Church in Bristol.  They had eight children  Herbert was a mason by trade and they resided in the Bristol, Clifton area.  A daughter Elsie Elizabeth, b. 1901 is pictured below left.  Elsie married Oscar J. Collins (pictured below)  in 1923 in St. Peters Church in Clifton. 
***************Elsie Elizabeth Price and Oscar J.Collins********************
Elsie Elizabeth Price Oscar James Collins
If you have a connection to this family and would like to exchange information with Andy, please email me at and I will forward to him.