Today was an exciting day.  We finished taking down the little out building that was attached to the garage.
Removing the last of the tar paper and rock. Now to remove the plywood. 
Whew!!  I didn't think this day would ever come.  Dust and dirt, trash and debris.  Hopefully it will all be worth it.
The last of the studs and framing are being removed as they pull from ropes to make the skeleton fall toward the canyon so it doesn't damage the house.
Now to rebuild.  The pink concrete in the next photo will become a woodworking shop. Where the old out building was will be part of a new kitchen and pantry.  The old patio will be made into a family/living room.  Stay tuned as we rebuild, but first the clean up and concrete removal.
Way to left is the pink concrete.
Saturday they hauled away some of the rubbish but left more for later.  We met with the contractor today to decide how to remove the concrete patios.