1 Harry WILSON
Birth:         1872, Canada
Death:         1895
Occ:           Carpenter
Father:        John WILSON
Spouse:        Amelia or Emma LANE
Birth:         14 Jul 1874, Glencoe, IL
Death:         4 Jun 1929, Glencoe, IL
Father:        Frederick T. LANE (1848-1930)
Mother:        Margaret HOHLFELDER (1856-)
Have found no birth records for Amelia. but found an Emma with the same month and year of birth living with the family in the 1880 census so assuming that Emma and Amelia are the same persons.
In the 1880 census it lists her birth place as Illinois, fathers birth place as England and mothers as Prussia.
Marr:          11 Feb 1891, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Children:      Roy Everett (1893-1925)
1.1 Roy Everett WILSON
Birth:         12 Jan 1893, Glencoe Il.
Death:         1 Jun 1925, Highwood, IL
Occ:           Lineman for North Shore Railroad, Glencoe, IL
Spouse:        Martha Maria Batz
Birth:         23 Feb 1893, Wauconda, Il
Death:         21 Jul 1967, Waukegan, Lake Co. Illinois
Occ:           Waitress at Street Car Co. in 1930 census.
Father:        George BATZ (1831-1918)
Mother:        Wilhelmine (Mary- Minnie) WENZEL (1853-1912)
Born in Wauconda, IL
Marr:          19 Apr 1912, Waukegan, Lake Co. Illinois
Copy of marriage certificate
Children:      Harold Franklin (1913-1989)
               Roy (Swede) Everett (1919-1999)
               Kenneth Frederick (1921-1981)