1 Herman JUNKER Index
Birth:            1864, Prussia
Father:            Jochem JUNKER (1828-1900)
Mother:            Caroline (1835-)
In the 1910 census that is almost impossible to read, Herman and Barbara are living in Ela, Lake Co. Illinois.  Herman is a farmer and they have four children.  By 1920 Barbara is married to William Crook and  the family is living in Fergus, Montana.
Spouse:            Barbara BATZ
Birth:            1875, Ela, Il
Father:            George BATZ (1831-1918)
Mother:            Wilhelmine (Mary- Minnie) WENZEL (1853-1912)
Mrs. Barbara Crook passed away in Prince George on April 11, 1973, age 97 years.  She is survived by one son, Mr. Albert Junker of Prince George and one daughter, Mrs. Carrie Dawson of Rutland, BC, one sister Mrs. Margaret Hurd of Coronado, California.
Children:            Albert Herman Junker (1903-1987)
Caroline (Carrie) Olga? (1908-)
            Herman (1906-1936)
            Edwin (1904-)
1.1 Albert Herman Junker CROOK
Birth:            1903, Illinois
Found burial information on the City of  Prince George site.
Spouse:            Ida May
1.2 Carrie Olga? CROOK
Birth:            1908, Illinois
Spouse:            DAWSON
1.3 Herman JUNKER
Birth:            1906, Illinois
In the 1930 census, Herman is living in Kipling, Okanogan, Washington as a lodger with the Marion Warren family.  He is employed as farm laborer.
1.4 Edwin JUNKER
Birth:            1904, Illinois
Other spouse of Barbara Batz, William Andrew Crook.