1 Roy Everett WILSON
Birth:         12 Jan 1893, Glencoe Il.
Death:         1 Jun 1925, Highwood, IL
Occ:           Lineman for North Shore Railroad, Glencoe, IL
Father:        Harry WILSON (1872-1895)
Mother:        Amelia or Emma LANE (1874-1929)
Spouse:        Martha Maria BATZ
Birth:         23 Feb 1893, Wauconda, Il
Death:         21 Jul 1967, Waukegan, Lake Co. Illinois
Occ:           Waitress at Street Car Co. in 1930 census.
Father:        George BATZ (1831-1918)
Mother:        Wilhelmine (Mary- Minnie) WENZEL (1853-1912)
Born in Wauconda, IL
Marr:          19 Apr 1912, Waukegan, Lake Co. Illinois
Copy of marriage certificate
Children:      Harold Franklin (1913-1989)
               Roy (Swede) Everett (1919-1999)
               Kenneth Frederick (1921-1981)
               Living Sister
1.1 Harold Franklin WILSON
Birth:         27 Mar 1913
Death:         8 Mar 1989, Mountain Home, Ak
1.2 Roy (Swede) Everett WILSON
Birth:         1 Jun 1919, Waukegan, Lake Co. Illinois
Death:         5 Feb 1999, Kenosha, WI
Occ:           Fireman
Served in WW II.
Spouse:        Living
1.3 Kenneth Frederick WILSON
Birth:         9 Dec 1921, Glencoe Il.
Death:         15 Oct 1981, Medford, Oregon
In 1921 Kenneth Wilson was born in Glencoe Illinois.  His father died when he was about three years old.  He had two brothers and a sister.  His mother married William Marshall after his father past away. They had two children.
While in the Navy during WWII Kenneth fell in love with California.  When the war was over, he went back to his job which paid him what he was making before he left.  The employers were required to keep give them their jobs back when they returned from the war.  Others had received raises and promotions, but they put the guys from the military back to what they had before they left so they would leave and find other jobs.  As the years went by Jennie and Kenneth had 4 children, but Kenneth could talk of nothing except how wonderful California was and finally Jennie told him to go and find a job and housing and the family would follow. 
He did and so in 1951 Jennie and Kenneth's sister, piled the four children under eight in the back of their Nash Statesman car and headed out to San Diego with all their prized possessions in the trunk of the car. 
Kenneth worked first for Convair building airplanes and then went to work as a civil servant working at Miramar Naval Air Station.  Kenneth continued to work civil service and asked to and received a transfer to Adak Alaska, which is part of the Aleutian Islands.  He did this to increase his retirement pay, having to only work there for 5 years.  At the end of this time, he worked briefly for the Alaska State Troopers doing maintenance work on their outpost bases. 
Later, on a vacation to Oregon, Kenneth suffered a heart attack and died.  He is buried in Oregon.
Have birth certificate from State of Illinois, also have death certificate and military discharge papers.
Spouse:        Jennie (Living)
Birth:        1922
Children:      Living
1.4 Living WILSON