Home Remodeling Project - April 2007
The final pieces of trim go on the outside before they start to put on the tar like paper and then the "chicken" wire,
A few volunteer flowers managed to survive the mess and let us know spring is here..
Below the tar paper is covered with wire to hold the stucco.
Below and to the left is the shop area.
Left - the window between the ladders is the new kitchen window.  Above the sliding door is an exit from the dining/family room.
Above is the front of the house where those funny triangle shaped windows were.  They looked out of place once the roof was raised higher and certain times of the year the sun would shine in, hit the mirror on the wall and then shine in our eyes if we weren't up before dawn. So the fix was to take the windows out and stucco over the holes.
The first and second coats of stucco have been applied.  They have to cure before the color coat is put on.
A wild bunny rabbit that ventured up from the canyon to see what was happening.  He is in the window above on the  left.  Look closely.
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