Home Remodel December 8, 2006
Big Beam Installation
So, I'm just a babe in the woods when it comes to this building stuff.  So whether I should be impressed by this part of the remodel or not, I am.  Here's what they did.

If you have looked at my last few days of pictures you will see that they previously brought into the center of the addition a couple of big beams.  The biggest being 28'4".  They used  a device that looked like an extension ladder only different.  If someone has a name for it, please let me know.  It has a foot on it like a dolly.  They put this thing under the beam and then cranked the wheel which lifted the beam.  But before they started to lift it, the framer tied and nailed a piece of rope to each end of the beam which was then used to help keep the beam straight and in case of emergency would keep it from crashing down. 
Here is the nifty gadget I need a name of.
The beam is loaded on and they contemplate the next move.
The framer ties and nails the rope to the beam.
That gray bracket to the left of the guy at the top is the new home of the beam. They toss the end of the rope up and over the top as a safety measure.
The scaffolding is moved out of the way and the beam is started on it's upward journey. 
Almost there, check the other end too.  Note to Andy, we started at 9:30 am and look at the sky.  That's fog so thick you can't see the canyon.
The scaffolding is moved and locked  back into place.
Eli, the framer, climbs to the top to guide the beam into position.
Here Miklos double checks their position at both ends.
I ran around the house to get these next pictures from another prospective.  Here is what it looked like at the other end of the beam.
A lot of manuvering just a little at a time to get it in perfect alignment.
Finally both ends are in place.
The second beam is loaded and raised .
The same procedure is repeated for the third beam in the wood shop.  It only took a little more than an hour for them to get all three beams into place.  Andy, check the sky now. 
They're all in, no one hurt and another step in the direction of getting it done.  Good work!