Home Remodel - December 6, 2006
Today they put up the last of the outside walls.  The metal panels you will see in the pictures below are called "shear panels" added to walls to better brace them against Wind and earthquake. 

In California we often have earthquakes that may shake the house from side to side.  The shear panel adds strength while the wood allows some flexibility.  The existing house does not contain any shear walls, so in an earthquake the new addition should be safer than the old portion.  My guess is that the area behind the refrigerator, and oven would be the safest. 
This is how it looked this morning. As you can see the old wall is still in place.  They found a way to work around it and keep some of the cold air out for awhile longer.
This is one of the beams that will hold up the roof.  They are nail cross pieces to it to act as handles so they can carry it into the addition. 
It is easier to carry this into the new area now, then if they waited until the last wall is put into place as the beam is about 28' long.  The problem is that they will have to climb over the wall that is waiting to be erected.
Everyone worked together and had a little humor too.
Swing your end around and climb through the obstacle course.
Whew!  We did it.  Time out! That beam and one other will be hoisted up to positon to support the roof tomorrow if all goes as planned.  Our framer is in the front, blue plaid shirt..  An older man but he has amazing strength and flexibility and seems never to tire.
Okay, you lift and I'll shove the saw horse under it.
Now get it into position.  See those bolts coming up out of the concrete.  They have to line up perfectly with the holes in the bottom of the wall.
One, two, three.  Heavy Ho!!
See the rope attached to the top of it?  I'll show you where that goes below.
The end of the rope goes here.  This guy is really the one that did all the work.  Actually the rope is to steady the wall and help hold it in position while they nail it to the exisiting walls.
(Hey Andy.  See that sky?)
Where's the level?  Okay, check it out and see if it is plumb and then hit the trigger on the nail gun and nail it in place.
Time to stand back and reflect.