Our always smiling plumber - Irvin.
The new sliding window installed for the kitchen/dining room area..The view we hoped to capture.  Well, minus the rusty storage shed that will be gone at the end of the project.
Up on the roof top....
Then it rained and our garage was flooded.  The new part of the house had been roofed but the garage and the old part of the house had the roofing material removed so they could install vents, heating ducts, electrical wiring and plumbing.
The roofer took pity on us and came to roof only the garage which has a flat roof.  It is roofed by the torch down method.  The problem was that the new pitched roof was dumping all the water onto the old flat roof and there was no where for the water to go but it managed to find it's way inside.
Nice rooftop view.  Looks kind of scary to me with that flame on the roof.
Ah, I can just imagine my lounge chair out here enjoying the fresh air, a cold drink  and all the construction is over with.