Home Remodel - January 4, 2007
These first pictures were taken before Christmas.  Christmas decoration in our home this year consisted of a wreath on the door.  Red towels in the bath and red sheets on the bed.  Next year the family will be here with us to enjoy our new home.
The beams and rafters are up and now the job of covering those with plywood. Front metal is part of a shear wall for earthquake bracing.
I couldn't imagine how they were going to do this, but they lay the first piece of plywood down at the edge of the house and once it is nailed into place they use that to stand on while they put the next one in.  All of this is just amazing to me.
Shop Area with tarp to keep out the rain from exisiting.
Dining Room area with door to patio.  On the left the old patio door still existing.
Below they put in bracing between the rafters.
Shop area
Our project continues into the New Year after having some well deserved time off.  We had high winds and rain during that period of time.  Blue tarps were put onto the roof in an effort to keep the rain out but the winds whipped those around and we ended up with some water in our garage.  Mother Nature rules!!
Left:  The exisiting patio door that will be removed along with the wall that supports it. This is new dining room area.
Right: - looking towards the shop through the kitchen. Blue tarps now cover all the walls and roof.  Rain last night seemed to be kept at bay.  Winds have subsided.  Not as bad as the storm before Christmas.
The pipe sticking up in the middle of the floor will be to a prep-sink on the island.  Behind are the area's for the wall oven, refrigerator and the door into the pantry.
Left will be the new sliding door onto the patio.  Right is the shop.  A window is straight ahead but covered with plywood for the weather. 
Do you get the feeling this shop is almost as big as the rest of the addition?
Left:  Shop half-bathroom
Right: Another view of shop windows.
"Curtis' pad when Char is mad". 
Next they will begin demo of the existing kitchen.  George Forman's grill and I will have a upfront and personal relationship before this is all over.  The electric skillet, microwave and crock-pot will also become my friends.