The rain came and went and we survived, well at least until the next storm.  In the main part of the house we had very little leakage as the temporary roof did it's job.  The garage was another story.  It was flooded with water coming in from several location..  We cleaned up when the rain stopped for awhile and covered everything inside with tarps. 

Early the next morning the contractor came and covered the whole roof, with the exception of the new roof, with those blue tarps.  He was out there is the wind and rain, soaked to the skin.  We were dry for the rest of the storm.
As soon as we were sure the rain had gone, at least for a couple of days, they uncovered the roof and began to build up the pitch on the old part of the house.  The heating/airconditioning contractor came in to mark where the new registers would go so that the holes could be cut for those while we had access to the roof. 
They begin to cut into the concrete where the old kitchen was to gain access to the sewer pipe for the new bath and kitchen.  This is in our garage.
A view of the side of the house where our front door is.  The start to frame in the pitch of the roof and in the garage the work continues to connect into the sewer.