Home Remodel ~ June 2007
When the flooring installer checked the floor to see if it was level and flat enough to lay the floor they found that it wasn't.   It took about three days of grinding to flaten it out. 
Once the carpet was removed, there was a layer of old tile that was the floor when the house was built in the 1950's.  This had to be scrapped up and removed as well.  Here is the resudue that remains after all that has been done.
Here the shop floor required the same thing. Looking from the kitchen into the living room.
Mixing some kind of cement mixture they put it on the floor to fill in the low spots in the new and old parts of the house.  They use something that looks like a hand mixer with a long extension on it.
The flooring guys removed all that old glue.
The old parquet flooring has been removed from the entry way and it has been preped for the new engineered wood floor.
We didn't get any pictures of the paint going on, but finally this room has been, for the most part, painted.  Now they are installing the doors.