Home Remodel - Mid June-July, 2007
    This has been a really hard time for us.  We have seen so much accomplished and now it has come to a standstill.  Our cabinets for the kitchen have yet to arrive and our contractor while waiting for the next step has started some other jobs.
     We have been living in the dust and dirt and without a kitchen for almost a year.  The excitement has worn off and we just want to get this done and over with.
Little things got done, like doors being installed or reinstalled.
The old antiques doors were installed at the back of the shop leading into the garage.
The bathtub was set in place.
Curtis tried his hand at putting epoxy on the shop floor.
The lights go up in the shop.  Some need to be troubleshooted as they don't work.
The long awaited cabinets finally arrive, but now the installers can't get onsite to do them for another two weeks.