Home Remodel March 2007
Work this last month has been slow with the weather, and a problem with one of the windows that will be replaced.  Also not much that is noticeable has been changed.  They have been working on plumbing and electrical. 
I'm standing in the old living space looking out to the addition.  The frame in the front of the picture is where a built in entertainment center will be.  The old brown floor is what was in the house when we moved in.  It was covered with  wall-to-wall carpeting.
Looking into the new kitchen area.  A pass-through window to the patio will be behind the sink.  The U pipe in the middle of the floor is where an island prep-sink will be. 
Here you can see, again, the U shaped pipe for the prep-sink in the island, the doorway into the wood shop to the left.  The cook-top will be in the middle of this wall.
Overhead you can see just a bit of a skylight.  Also the silver is the heating/air conditioning duct.  Blue boxes are for the electric.  The two big beams will be exposed but the rest of the ceiling will be dry-walled.  We were going to have recessed lights, but decided as we aged (coming sooner rather than later)  we didn't want  to change light bulbs 16'  up, so will have pennant lights.
Here a series of large cubby holes.  The one way to the left is for the refrigerator, then a little area they call a mudroom.  You can see the white door that goes to a pantry and also there is garage access.  Further to the right is where the wall oven will be and to the right of that will be a small broom closet.
Now standing where the new cooktop will be and looking into the rest of the room.  This is the area where the dining table will be and maybe a couple of chairs for the women while the guys are in watching TV.
Standing in the Kitchen looking towards the living room.
Sorry, this picture is a little dark.  It is looking out from the woodshop.  Nice big sliding door, and a smaller door leaning that will be installed almost right there. 
Looking from the door that adjoins the kitchen, into the wood shop.  A half bath here. 
Heating and Air conditioning unit on a platform above a doorway that will give access to the single car garage.  Light from a skylight