Home Remodel - May 2007
This is a skylight they are putting dry wall on the alcove that goes up to the dome.
Hey guys, when you need to look taller, just get a pair of these.
Taping and mudding the seams.  The beams in the kitchen - dining area will be stained.  The one in the shop was drywalled and  will be painted.
They built a surround for the vent  that goes to the roof for cook-top vent and hood.
Glad I don't have to clean this mess up. At the end of the day it was all cleaned up.
If you look closely below,  you can see that the walls and ceiling have been mudded and textured.
Meanwhile outside the house.......
New patio door.
The color coat is going on.  We are using the same color so we don't have to get the whole house redone.
The woodshop.
The little windows that let the sun shine in our eyes when we slept after sunrise are gone and the roof is taller.