Home Remodel   Project  
The home remodel project is to add on to our 50's, three bedrooms,   one bath home with single car garage.    We have recently retired and now that we are home all day it would be nice   to have additional space to get lost in and have a dining room big enough to   have the whole family over.
Our goal is to add on a workshop, because of all the wood   working tools in the garage, there is no room to put a car.  Not even a toy car!  A new kitchen with new appliances, and a  living room with windows to capture our view of our canyon.   The existing kitchen will   become a second bath and the existing living / dining room combo will become a   dining room.  The bedrooms will remain as is.  As the building begins, I will  add pictures.
Early 2005 Home
  Met   with the Architect and came up with some basic ideas of what we wanted to   accomplish. 
  The Architect came back with his initial drawing,   which, of course, we marked all up and sent him back to the drawing   board.  Not to unusual.  Have to work out the design.
  Another meeting, the plans are looking   better.  Made a few changes.  Good news!  Found out the Architect also works as a marriage counselor.
Called a geologist.  Have to make sure that we are not building   on fill.  We have to dig two holes at   each corner of the addition. 
Holes are dug  4 ft X 4 ft. and the geologist checks and thinks we need to go   deeper. 
  One hole is 8 ft. X 6 ft. and has dirt steps   into it so you  can get in and out.    The other hole is about 6 ft. X 5 ft.   Geologist takes the samples and is pleased.  The rain pores and pores and the holes are   now pools.  Can't do laps in them, but can   tread water, but UGH its all muddy.    Have to drain and fill the holes.
Built in 1950's.
Summer 2006-Spring 2007
  Contractor leaves to go on vacation
  Finally demolition has started.
  Progress comes almost to a halt but workers continue demo.
Updated 5/20/2007
See remodel progress pictures.
  Can't find the lot markers.  Have to hire a surveyor to mark the   property lines.  He came, he went, he   put in the markers, he sent the maps.
  Time marches on and we have had problems  with our budget, permits and finding a contractor.
The view we hope to capture.