Photo Shoot - Arizona Trip - April 2007
In April I took a roadtrip over to visit my brother near Prescott, Arizona.  He had moved into his new home the end of last year and had been begging me to come see his new place.  It took me almost 9 hours to drive over.  I wasn't in a hurry and stopped several times for gas and snacks.
While I was there visiting, I purchased a new Olympus Digital Camera and decided to play with it on the way home, snapping pictures along side the road and out the front windshield.  There was no traffic except around Yuma and Glendale.
Here are a couple of pictures of his newly acquire home.
The house and interior reflect a southwestern flavor.
An intersection near his home.
Leaving his home, I went to Phoenix to visit a friend. Some views of the scenery along the way.
Outside of Phoenix, I took hwy 10 down to hwy 8 and then over to Yuma, El Centro and into San Diego.
Checking the rear view mirror.
A long lonely drive but alas I'm not alone.  I have my friend from England along on the ride with me.  See below.
The sand dunes just over the Arizona / California border.
This is a recreational area where they ride their dune buggies and 3 wheelers.
Out of the desert and into the mountains.  These mountains are all rocks with very little vegetation.
Modern day windmills that generate power.
Into San Diego County.  I like the camera and the battery lasted through over 100 shots and downloading the pictures.  It was still good to go.