Castle (Garden) Clinton - Battery Park
Manhatten, New York
Battery Park, so named because of the artillery battery that was stationed there by the Dutch and later by the British.  Battery Park is situated at the south end of Manhatten Island.  The battery was there to protect the harbor.

Within the park is Castle Clinton, a fort that was built before the War of 1812.  The fort was renamed after the war  to Castle Garden and was used for the immigrants that arrived before the building of Ellis Island in 1894.  A fairly new website where you can do a search for your relatives that may have entered into Castle Garden can be found here....
Castle Garden
These are pictures of some of the sights at Battery Park taken August, 2007.
Entry to Castle Clinton in Battery Park
Inside the walls of Castle Clinton-a bookstore (below left);
Not too far outside Castle Clinton is this statue of John Ericsson an engineer from Sweden who came to New York and built a ship ordered by President Lincoln that could help defeat the Confederates during the Civil War.
Below, the Staten Island Ferry depot that is open 7/24 and allows free trips to Staten Island that go past the Statue of Liberty.
Remember when you live in the City, grass, water and parks are at a premium, people gather here to listen to the music, cool off in the fountain,  sit and enjoy the green, do a little people watching.  Here is a lack of the hustle and bustle you have the moment you leave the park.
Click picture to find out whose in the fountain cooling off.
The Customs House
The sculpture on the left was in front of the World Trade Center, prior to 9/11.  Notice the damage.
Music by a different kind of drummer.